Wieden’s Nike account manager is Apple Inc.‘s new worldwide advertising director

“Rebecca Van Dyck, the longtime global account director on the Nike business at Wieden + Kennedy, has left the agency to become the worldwide advertising director at Apple, Wieden said today,” Gregory Solman reports for AdWeek.

“In her 12 years at the independent Wieden agency, Van Dyck worked exclusively on the Nike brand. For the last four years, she had global oversight for the flagship business. Sources said she has already started at Apple,” Solman reports.

Solman reports, “A representative at Wieden said, ‘We are a huge fan of hers here, and she left on great terms. Her job at Apple was a ‘can’t-pass’ opportunity.'”

“Apple last year spent $285 million in U.S. measured media, nearly double the $150 million it spent in 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus,” Solman reports.

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  1. How about just having the Leopard just eat the kitten… I know… sick! Or have the kitten attack the Leopard, and keep bouncing off the Leopard who doesn’t notice the small irritant… with the logo “Leopard. Rock Solid.” fading in at the end.

    On second thought, let’s just skip the kitten altogether. Just do an old MGM style Leopard roar with a Leopard inside the Apple logo.

  2. Gav-

    Thanks for your kind words! No, I don’t work in advertising, although many moons ago I was the adverstising editor for my university paper. In fact I won the Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association award for the ad of the year. That sounds more impressive than it actually was since (a) I thought the winning ad was a bit lame myself, and (b) there aren’t that many colleges in Oklahoma to compete against!

    Here’s another idea that popped into my head.

    Opening shot: White Screen with a large odometer-type counter. Counter is ticking of the numbers rolling over with blazing speed (say, from 0 to 114,000 in 20 seconds). Background track is the thunderous roar of Niagra Falls. Text: Number of Known Windows Viruses To Date

    Second shot: Screen, same counter. Counter reads “000000” and doesn’t change. Background track: sound of a very slowly dirpping faucet. Text: Number of Known Mac Viruses To Date.

    Third shot: Text: Some things you don’t mind waiting for.

    Or how about a Mac PC ad where PC Guy comes out dressed like Mac? Maybe he even has a little a day’s growth of beard. Dialogue could go something like:

    PC: So what do you think? This is my new Vista look. It’s pretty “wow”, wouldn’t you say?

    Mac: Well, uuh, yea, you do look…different.

    PC (smugly): I thought you might appreciate the change. Actually, to be honest with you [motions for Mac to lean in a bit closer, and drops the volume of his voice, as to reveal something quite confidential] I noticed that people seem to be paying you a lot more attention these days. I guess just because of the silly way you look. (Mac raises eyebrows with a slight look of suprise. PC raises volume of voice and becomes a bit more animated).

    But I thought, Hey, with a little make over, I can be hip and cool, too! Just put on a new shirt, unbutton my collar, mess up my hair a bit and viola! Now, no one will be able to tell us apart. We’re practically twinsies!

    Mac: Uh, PC?

    PC: Yes?

    Mac: Why are you wearing a tie under your shirt?

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