20 Apple iPhone mysteries

“It’s been almost a month and a half since Steve Jobs gave his now famous iPhone presentation at Macworld 2007,” Dennis Sloutsky writes for iPhone World.

Sloutsky writes, “Since then answers to a lot of questions about the Apple iPhone were found, but even more questions still remain. This article is based on publicly available information, as well as information reported by other publications. It discusses the most important things that we don’t know about the Apple iPhone.”

Sloutsky covers “20 Apple iPhone Mysteries” in his article, grouped into categories:

• Global iPhone Issues
• Technical iPhone Questions
• iPhone Software Questions

Full article here.

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  1. Very good questions. I, for one, want to know if the camera will support video, voice command dialing, games, and vibrate. I also want to know if the memory is upgradeable. I’ll stil get one in June, but I think iPhone 2.0 will be the one to wait for if 1.0 is lacking in such features. Also, can the screen be covered with something protective and still work? I can’t imagine carrying a $600 phone around without some protection of the screen.

  2. I’m wondering how efficient it will be with one-handed use.

    How easy the handoff between WiFi hotspots will be, including the use of it on my own home network.

    But really the biggest hurdle is how that Multi-touch keyboard works. The accuracy and ease-of-use. If Apple has tackled this properly then the sky’s the limit.

  3. I just want to know if you can turn off switching to the cell network for data access. Although the phone is really cool, data plans are ridiculously expensive. We could speculate for months and months, or we could just stop caring until this device is in production.

  4. @firstposter

    Sorry, I am about to be as big a d*ckhead as you. but why did you bother to rush in and post your ridiculous comment?

    It’s 43 days since January 9th. That is “almost a month and a half” on my calendar.

  5. iPhone anyone?

    I can tell you that someone just offers me an iPhone unblocked for use here in Mexico, for some US$780, with 9 Gigs.

    I am not going to buy a hacked version, but the man told me he has the phones READY to be used on Telcel network (GSM).

    MW one, as in I want mine!

  6. <b>- Yet a lot of other people are wondering: why should it take so long for the iPhone to get to Europe/Asia/Australia/South America? By the time it gets there, iPhone’s competitors could catch up and release comparable phone models, thus killing the market potential for Apple iPhone.<>

    Microsoft has had 20 years to get their OS to be as elegant as the original Mac, and still isn’t there. I for one am not worried one whit about competition for the iPhone.

    And as Daniel Eran already stated, nobody will give a damn what it’s called. The Cisco dispute is a non-issue, and we shouldn’t give Cisco another iota of free press concerning it. It serves to give the impression to the uninformed that Cisco has some kind of offering that is comparable to or competes with the iPhone. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth.

  7. Doesn’t really matter if Apple wins or not. As long as the winner has a better product. As soon as Apple decends back into making lifeless shit I’ll jump ship. Use the good gadgets-it doesn’t really atter who makes them. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of my Xbox 360 the past few days. =)

  8. It’s been almost two months since Jobs’ last keynote. Here’s 20 questions about what we can expect in his next keynote:

    1) Will we see taunting banners?
    2) What will Steve wear?
    3) Will a Beatles track open the show?
    4) What will Mayer sing?
    5) Will we see a touch screen iPod sans phone?
    6) Will Steve mention Vista?
    7) What expression will he make when he mentions Vista?
    8) Will Less is More shut up already?
    9) Wait, just one more question…please?
    10) Naah, can’t think of one.

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