Report: Apple to release Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as early as end of March

“Apple Inc. is set to release its Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as early as the end of March, according to sources,” FinancialWire reports.

FinancialWire reports, “The operating system is touted as an answer to Microsoft’s Vista, which was introduced on January 30.”

MacDailyNews Note: Puleeze. Leopard most certainly is not being touted as such by anyone who knows anything at all.

FinancialWire continues, “Apple’s OS X for MacIntosh PC’s was not expected until later in 2007, but development of the system is moving faster than anticipated.”

Full article here.

See Apple’s sneak peek of Mac OS X Leopard here:

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s official line has never wavered and remains “scheduled to ship in spring 2007.”

MacDailyNews Take: Leopard “touted as an answer to Microsoft’s Vista!” Sheesh, we’ll be laughing at that one for awhile!

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  1. I am sick and tired of hearing people say Vista is equal to Tiger, let alone Leopard or even Panther.

    Vista/Longhorn over promised, under delivered and is a mess until SP1 comes out.

    Maybe Vista would be equal to Tiger if all the over promised featers actually made it in the final version and they actually worked.

  2. Vista’s Explorer is way better than the finder. but then again so is the one in XP so that’s no reason to upgradet o Vista. It is probably a better indicator of how much the finder sucks 🙁

  3. justified —

    XP was vastly superior to OS 8 or even OS 9. The functionality and expandibility of XP far superceded 8 and 9. All three were vulnerable to viruses, so security is even.

    XP vs the MacOSX versions is a completely different story.

  4. @ Justified

    That would be hilarious… if it wasn’t so true !

    Vista doesnt give anyone anything new, except for maybe more
    problems !

    The tide is turning .. expect Leopard to blow away Ballmer
    and all his chairs !! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

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