Best Buy ads: ‘Make Your Move to Mac’ – just weeks after Windows Vista consumer debut

“‘You’re creative, brilliant, stylish and mobile. Now you can get a computer to match. Apple– at Best Buy.’ How’s that for a sales push? Better yet, ‘Make Your Move to Mac’ in big bold words, as featured on Best Buy’s special ad insert in the San Francisco metropolitan area newspapers yesterday,” Joe Leo reports for PB Central.

Leo reports, “On Sunday, a special 4-page insert was included in the newspaper separate from their regular ad for the week, just two-and-a-half weeks after Windows Vista was the big push in their pages. (What happened to the ‘Wow’?)”

“The cover page features Apple’s portable line, with the MacBook Pro on top, and the MacBooks below it,” Leo reports. “You may remember that Apple has sold more laptops than desktops in late 2006 and this equation by Best Buy to place the laptops up in front seems to only corroborate this marketing into 2007.”

Full article with full cover photo of the ad insert here.

MacDailyNews Note: Small quibble, but one that Best Buy should not be getting wrong: “Mac” is a nickname, not an acronym. As Rob Pegoraro blogged for The Washington Post just this past Saturday, “Sometimes people will even try to, er, acronymize a perfectly normal noun by typing it in all caps–all y’all calling an Apple computer a ‘MAC,’ please stop; it’s not an acronym and never has been one.” Yes, we realize it was an ad design decision; that doesn’t make it a good decision.

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  1. “i’d rather them not sell macs… the staff there are idiots.”

    I agree whoeheartedly. However, I believe Apple has their own people selling the Macs at Best Buy. 😀


    I really hope so! (fingers crossed)

  2. went to a best buy in Hobo, NJ. The guys selling there were “genius bar guys” that were moonlighting at Best Buy. He told me all the area best buys were going to have “certified” apple pro ppl to work at best buy and that apple was paying their paycheck. good move apple. i have no proof, just spreading the gossip, one telephone at a time

  3. Had it read

    ” Best Buy
    your move to

    I’d have agreed with the MDN take. As it’s written

    ” BEST BUY
    your move to

    I don’t. I’d consider it a small quibble too far.

  4. Last time I checked, the word MAKE wasn’t an acronym either. They aren’t trying to make MAC an acronym, use of caps is just part of the ad design. Sometimes you guys go a bit overboard with the hyperbole.

  5. Whoever designed the ad is just a all-caps freak and isn’t trying to make Mac into an acronym. You will notice that BEST BUY is in caps just as MAKE is…not acronyms. This is just bad design and folks using all-caps willy-nilly is quite widespread in advertising. They are just trying to be LOUD.

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