Michael Gartenberg sells out, joins Microsoft as ‘Enthusiast Evangelist’

“The Vista marketing challenge saw an interesting new development today with the announcement that Microsoft has hired Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg as Enthusiast Evangelist. Gartenberg says in a blog post on his move that he will ‘find, engage and work with enthusiasts and other influencers and show them all the cool stuff that Microsoft is doing. In short, it’s our [department’s] job to act as the bridge between Microsoft and end users,'” Marshall Kirkpatrick reports for TechCrunch.

Kirkpatrick reports, “The experiment with Robert Scoble as Microsoft’s blogging point man must have worked well, as the company has now hired two very high profile commentators to carry out functions similar to what Scoble did. Bringing Jon Udell over from InfoWorld in December was the first of two notable coups.”

Kirkpatrick reports, “Gartenberg has served as the Jupiter Research vice president and research director for the Personal Technology & Access and Custom Research groups. He’s a highly respected analyst who was quoted extensively by press upon the release of Vista. ‘The challenge,’ Gartenberg said about Vista two weeks ago, ‘is that it’s the only product on the market that has to appeal to the CIOs of Fortune 500 companies and my mother all at the same time.’ Presumably Gartenberg’s mother is now more favorably inclined than she might have been before.”

Kirkpatrick wries, “It’s a perfect example of one of today’s leading questions: is the benefit of bringing a respected public figure onto the payroll greater than the potential loss of credibility that person risks?”

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Leave it to Microsoft to copy Apple poorly once again. First you have to have products worth evangelizing before you hire evangelists, dummies. Why is everything Microsoft does assbackwards (besides to avoid legal actions)?

For his part, soul-seller Gartenberg explains:

Why Microsoft? There’s a revolution going on. A battle for the hearts and minds of consumers in terms of their digital lives. I firmly believe that Microsoft is the only company that will enable the seamless transition for users to move in and out of the different aspects of their lives. In short, no one else comes close to presenting a complete, unified and integrated view of the digital home of the 21st century.

Whether it’s work, school or home, Microsoft has the potential to change lives even more than they already have. Who else could deliver mission critical technology to the business world, create the best Smartphone operating system, build a successful platform for console games (and pioneer online and connected play) and take on the iPod. All at the same time.

Michael, are you sure you haven’t really been hired as a comedian?

Naturally, you might ask, “What sort of things did Gartenberg write before he sold his integrity?” Here’s an example from August 2003, which should be far enough back to make sure that Microsoft hadn’t yet come calling:

…Deploying Mac OS in areas that depend heavily on content creation makes good sense, but there are probably other places that could benefit as well. Most IT departments lament the lack of choice among desktop operating systems. The truth is that there are choices out there, and viable ones at that. IT departments that can overcome their traditional prejudices against Apple may well discover that there’s a new PowerBook or G5 in their future, and once they do, they may never go back to Windows.

And, just for grins, Gartenberg from Computerworld, May 2005 (a quote also currently featured on Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger “Reactions” page):

Want to see what the future of personal computing looks like? Don’t wait for Microsoft to show you; go out and get yourself a copy of Apple’s latest operating system release, OS X Tiger. It’s that good.

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  1. Poor Gartenberg, I hope he got a sh!tload of money out of this deal because his credibility will soon be at the level of Enderle and Thurrott. “Respected” and “trusted” will not be used in the same sentence as his name.

  2. Reaching for news, Come on MDN, who cares? They can hire Jesus Christ and it won’t
    make Vista work any better.

    Lets focus on Leopard, Enterprise software partners, iPhone applications and
    new hardware configs.

    Bill and Ballmer will continue to talk, so let them. All I care about is how Apple
    will make my business life better. Each day, Apple is gaining new customers
    lets focus on that. I welcome all new Mac users to explain why they like Apple better
    and how it’s helped them become more productive, creative or happy.

    Just a thought…

  3. OK people,

    Steves teams has allot loosers there, I know I was fired.

    He needs to stop these Ads. Ask Any expert Advertising Exec.

    Vista is a threat, Why PCs are used in business, they work well in many business’s as the IT staff working and making them run well for so long in fact this is credit to many IT staff they have in-credable systems of PC networks and manange to keep all the software running.

    Windows does alot more simpler functions for business ie staff don;t have much fun so just continue to use the standard systems.

    I am angry not with MS making system or software I just want a normal evolution of a product.

    PS: IT managers will not get fired for using macs they will run easier and they can use that time to develope new Intergation for future.

    PS: Hi USA,

  4. Gartenberg says “Who else could deliver mission critical technology to the business world …”

    Does he speak of Microsoft’s mission critical technology that was responsible for the loss of billions due to it’s unsecure and vulnerable OS?

  5. I didn’t know you could buy a Bagdad Bob. I thought they were born. It’s too funny. I can see the bombs falling all around him and he’s telling the press in Bagdad that the Americans are nowhere near the capital and will never reach it because of the might of the Iraqi armies.


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