Bill Gates: Vista is so secure it could run life support systems

At the Vista launch in Romania Bill Gates claimed that Vista, with the right amount of administration could run a life support system:

Journalist: Let’s imagine a hospital where life support systems are running Vista. Would you trust it with your life?

Bill Gates: …Absolutely, Vista is the most secure operating system we’ve ever done, and if it’s administred properly, absolutely, it can be used to run a hospital or any kind of mission crytical thing.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Blue Screen of Actual Death.

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  1. You’ll be fine as long as the doctor can make it through the Life Wizard in time. Cancel your life? Or allow?

    In other news, Bush just had two moles removed from his left temple. One of them may have been been put there by Robert Hanssen.

    That was for you, TowerTone!

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  2. Security isn’t the only thing required. reliability is the other. Freedom from devastating bugs that could cause a crash, or lockup of the system, is even more important in medical systems.

    XP and earlier OS’s from MS specifically EXCLUDE medical systems, nuclear reactors, etc.

    I wonder if Vista has the same stated limitations. If so, to say that only proper management is required, is a dangerous lie.

  3. A life support computer would not be stand alone. It would be monitored from a central nurses station down the hall or in another part of the hospital wing. Otherwise, how could medical personnel respond to a medical emergency? This all means it is networked and subject to being hacked. Really, really scary.

  4. Gates, “…any kind of mission crytical[sic] thing.”

    What’s with Gates and his “things”? In almost every interview I hear him lamely end comments with this vague reference. He definitely needs a coach.

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