Wal-Mart in bed with Microsoft? Wal-Mart online video service excludes Firefox, Safari, Apple Mac

“Last week, Wal-Mart launched their online video download service. Immediately there were posts that the service did not work with the Firefox or Safari browsers. There was a collective, ‘WTF’ when this happened as this is 2007, not 1997. Back then it was ‘accepted’ for applications to work with only a specific browser or platform. Now it appears that reports are out that Wal-Mart has turned off the ability to get into the application at all by Firefox, Safari or any other browser it does not like,” Allen Stern reports for CenterNetworks.

Stern reports, “[It] appears they are blocking Apple completely — from Wal-Mart customer service: Walmart video download service does not support the Macintosh Operating Systems as the video that you download requires Digital Rights Management 10 (DRM 10) software, which is not compatible with the Macintosh operating system.

Full article here.

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  1. So fscking what. iTMS is the standard, and Wal-Mart are showing their incompetence by making a PC only product.

    In the UK, I refuse to shop in Asda because they’re ‘Part of the Wal-Mart family’

    Bollox to globalisation.

  2. Walmart isn’t in bed with Microsoft, they are just stupid and greedy. They have an archaic sense of technology and their goal isn’t to support one vs the other. The goal is to get their hands into everything, at any cost. Bastards. They are whores to their own needs.

  3. I would have thought a massive coroporation like Wal-Mart would want to have far more control of something like this, to tie themselves to another huge corporation seems a bit limiting.

    I’m really surprised that another DRM solution hasn’t come along from someone, somewhere. Not that I like DRM, but of course that’s the controlling element currently.

  4. Wal-mart doesn’t suck. I love them. They are the perfect example of the potential success a company can have when they are not beholden to unions. So is Toyota, Honda, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue etc.

    I do admit I do not like them making websites that only accept one browser, but I won’t be using the stupid service anyway.

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