Canadian Private Copying Collective tries for iPod copyright tax – again

“Canada’s Private Copyright Collective (CPCC) is once again trying to find a way to force would-be iPod buyers to pay a copyright tax despite being told in 2004 such a levy is illegal,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

Smith reports, “The CPCC said last week it wants $5 (CAD) levied on players with up to 1GB of memory, $25 for up to 10GB of music storage, $50 for capacities of between 10GB and 30GB, and $75 for anything that holds more than 30GB of storage.”

Smith reports, “The CPCC, which distributes to artists and publishers cash collected by the Copyright Board, last week submitted a new plea for an iPod tax to the Board. The current tariff expires on 31 December 2007, so it’s looking to get MP3 players added to the list from 2008 onwards… The Copyright Board will now consider the CPCC submission – and, indeed, those from other stakeholders – before announcing the 2008-2009 tariff later this year.”

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Statement of Proposed Levies to Be Collected by CPCC on the Sale, in Canada, of Blank Audio Recording Media for the Years 2008-2009:

CPCC Contact Information:
150 Eglinton Avenue East
Suite 403
Toronto, Ontario M4P 1E8
Phone: 416-486-6832 or 1-800-892-7235
FAX: 416 486 3064

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  1. Not again! This issue should just die! And if half a 30 gig iPod was used for data backup, does that part get taxed? They must have lots of time on their hands to scheme ways to get into your pocketbook… we’re taxed enough bugger off!

  2. If the CPCC wants to assume I’m a pirate and make me pay a tax when I upgrade my music players, I will never pay for music again. After all, I’ve already paid the tax to download to my hearts content right?

    And did anyone else notice the similarity between CPCC and CCCP?

  3. As someone mentioned on this site the last time this issue surfaced, if Canada does approve this tax then Canadians should feel free to pirate and share songs. They will have already paid their fee.

    Let’s hope this issue dies soon.


  4. I am confused – current levy?

    I thought they shot down the tariff, and had given out refunds to people who had purchased an iPod during the time the old tariff had been collected (I got a check from an Apple subsidiary company for $25 plus tax for my 2nd gen iPod).

    Why and how would they ever be able to pass such a thing again here? It was a colossal waste of everyone’s time, and I don’t think any artists received any benefits the first time around…

  5. . . . when the Conservatives come to power; greed, political back-scratching and new and higher taxes are certainties when the fascists run the animal farm.

    It was the Conservatives that brought in the GST, then wallowed in righteousness, like a pig in shit, when they lowered it by one fscking percent.

    Those complaining the loudest probably voted for the bastards.

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