Rolling Stone asks: Is Apple the New Evil Empire?

“The signs are all there: The technological superiority. The ruthless march to galactic domination. The musical devices that from a fashion standpoint would be the perfect accessory for any Stormtrooper uniform. Once but the student (see their classic 1984 ad, their PC vs. Mac ads and oh, everything else that’s ever come out of their mouth), it seems that little ol’ Apple finally could be turning into the Master,” Charles Coxe blogs for Rolling Stone.

Coxe writes, “Consider the recent evidence that goes well beyond the limited world of desktop computers:”

The announcement of the impending iPhone: So now Cingular (which was just bought out by original Evil Empire AT&T) gets to be the exclusive provider, forcing everybody to figure out how to dump their current wireless plan and switch over.

MacDailyNews Take: No evidence of “evil.”

To this date, Apple has sold 90 million iPods and more than 2 billion individual songs through the iTunes store.

MacDailyNews Take: Success is not evidence of “evil.”

Steve Jobs announced Tuesday that he has asked the record labels to scrap their proprietary DRM software that prevents music from being shared, as he feels it’s ineffective and merely hampers consumers from being able to listen to music how they please. Sounds good, right? Well, it’s propaganda. Lost in his release is that that the largest source of proprietary DRM software is Apple…

MacDailyNews Take: The music cartels required Apple to placed DRM on the files before they would allow Apple to sell their contracted artists’ music. No evidence of “evil.”

Apple… officially warned PC users to avoid installing Microsoft Vista… until Apple gets around to updating the iTunes software in the next couple weeks or so.

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, “wait a couple of weeks,” pure “evil.” Quick, get an exorcist on the iPhone!

Apple has reached a deal with Apple Corps Ltd. which will allow the entire Beatles’ catalogue to be purchased from iTunes.

MacDailyNews Take: No evidence of “evil.”

“The fact that Apple now seems to be calling all the shots is more than a little bit unnerving. First they dominate publishing, Web design, and music, then TV and movies, mobile phones…when Steve Jobs flips the switch, the all-seeing ‘i’ will be everywhere. When you wake up tomorrow to find a folder with a question mark where the sun used to be, don’t come crying to us,” Coxe writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention for the heads up.]
Charles Coxe has produced as meaningless a piece of pap as anything we’ve seen in quite some time. Unless it’s meant to be humorous – in which case it also fails – it’s just a nice, catchy headline with nothing substantive underneath.


  1. With regard to “Apple… officially warned PC users to avoid installing Microsoft Vista… until Apple gets around to updating the iTunes software in the next couple weeks or so.”

    Apple users have been waiting for a year for MS to produce a universal version of Mac Office.

    MS is delaying the Mac version Office for six months after the release of the Windoze version.

    This is the definition of “pure evil.”

  2. From an end user perspective Apple would be evil if they took my money for poorly designed, shoddy, insecure imitations of much better technology, like our friends at Microsoft. They would be evil if they forced me to use their proprietary file formats at every turn, like our friends at Microsoft.

    Instead, Apple supplies me with well designed, high quality, innovative products which use freely available industry standard file formats including MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG, PDF, TIF. No lock-in for me. I am happy to use their hardware.

    Microsoft reminds me of sour nerds who have no social skills and don’t know how to make friends outside of intellectual bullying & intimidation. They are the kids who didn’t know how to get along in the sandbox and would crush your sandcastle so they could feel better about themselves. This is how children act when they don’t have the patience or skill set to make a decent sandcastle of their own. I don’t know if this makes Microsoft evil, but for me they’re irrelevant. I choose to ignore them because their product is uninspired and their behavior is so negative.

    If you have to say you’re “people ready”, you aren’t people ready.

  3. Apple has signed their own death sentence. Their hardware quality is poor and getting rave reviews on the internet like this:

    The only place Apple hardware gets good reviews is on pro-Apple blogs and sites. It will only be a matter of time before Apple quits selling computers, tries to make it in the world of digital media and slowly withers away and dies. Right now Apple is just riding the Big Wave. Guess what happens when the Big Wave hits the shore?

    Piracy is still way bigger than Apple in the world of digital media. Apple could die today and nobody would really notice except the .00005% of the world population that are Apple fans.

  4. What do you expect from Rolling Stone? They have consistently reduced the culture of music to the lowest common denominator of conformity, bling, and tits n’ ass (see their groundbreaking work legitimizing Snoop Dogg’s ‘side career’ as a pimp); they haven’t had their finger on the pulse of much for a looooong time. ‘Zound’ like anyone you know?

  5. ” When you wake up tomorrow to find a folder with a question mark where the sun used to be, don’t come crying to us,””

    WTF is that supposed to mean? First of all, this rarely happens. Secondly, even if Apple is ‘calling all the shots’ as he implies, at least there’s now a company that is dominating a market segment that at the very least gets products right.

    Look at MS. Their influence and dominance still is vastly greater than Apple’s and yet day by day the users of Windows just gleefully skip along taking another bite of the shit sandwich that has been served up to them by Redmond. No complaints, just acceptance because thats what ‘everybody uses’ and there is some sort of sick comfort in mass misery.

    Apple has a big chunk of influence in the music industry. Big deal. Having to listen to music is a pasttime, not essential like using and OS on a daily basis. People should be happy there is a company that works hard to get it right and stop complaining and sending out FUD articles like this to get page hits.

    Ironically, my MW is ‘quality’. I’ll take Apple quality over the alternative any day.

  6. “The only place Apple hardware gets good reviews is on pro-Apple blogs and sites.”
    – Yeah like PC magazine. (4 out of 5 in most reviews) Their pretty Apple centric Huh?, What the hell are you smokin I hate??

  7. Yeah, this goes right along with Alex Albrecht’s (idiotic) take on Jobs.

    Steve Jobs said that about 3% of iPod music actually comes from iTMS.

    So, releasing the DRM aspect would scarcely make a difference.

    Windows apologists will say that SJ’s just trying to get out of a lawsuit, but WAKE UP, if Apple’s been LOCKING people to the iPod, doesn’t that mean threre’s a huge DOWNSIDE to unlocking DRM?

    If Apple is forcing people to use iPod’s then SJ’s a fool for suggesting we kill DRM.
    The truth is that the iPod is a way better product and SJ is not worried about declining sales (going back to the 3% figure)….

    To to recap: Apple makes stuff that people love. They do it way better than anyone else in the market. That’s why they have such a high share.

    How is that evil? It sounds like everything competition is SUPPOSED to do.

    THe Dell Ditty on the other hand…

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