Rolling Stone asks: Is Apple the New Evil Empire?

“The signs are all there: The technological superiority. The ruthless march to galactic domination. The musical devices that from a fashion standpoint would be the perfect accessory for any Stormtrooper uniform. Once but the student (see their classic 1984 ad, their PC vs. Mac ads and oh, everything else that’s ever come out of their mouth), it seems that little ol’ Apple finally could be turning into the Master,” Charles Coxe blogs for Rolling Stone.

Coxe writes, “Consider the recent evidence that goes well beyond the limited world of desktop computers:”

The announcement of the impending iPhone: So now Cingular (which was just bought out by original Evil Empire AT&T) gets to be the exclusive provider, forcing everybody to figure out how to dump their current wireless plan and switch over.

MacDailyNews Take: No evidence of “evil.”

To this date, Apple has sold 90 million iPods and more than 2 billion individual songs through the iTunes store.

MacDailyNews Take: Success is not evidence of “evil.”

Steve Jobs announced Tuesday that he has asked the record labels to scrap their proprietary DRM software that prevents music from being shared, as he feels it’s ineffective and merely hampers consumers from being able to listen to music how they please. Sounds good, right? Well, it’s propaganda. Lost in his release is that that the largest source of proprietary DRM software is Apple…

MacDailyNews Take: The music cartels required Apple to placed DRM on the files before they would allow Apple to sell their contracted artists’ music. No evidence of “evil.”

Apple… officially warned PC users to avoid installing Microsoft Vista… until Apple gets around to updating the iTunes software in the next couple weeks or so.

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, “wait a couple of weeks,” pure “evil.” Quick, get an exorcist on the iPhone!

Apple has reached a deal with Apple Corps Ltd. which will allow the entire Beatles’ catalogue to be purchased from iTunes.

MacDailyNews Take: No evidence of “evil.”

“The fact that Apple now seems to be calling all the shots is more than a little bit unnerving. First they dominate publishing, Web design, and music, then TV and movies, mobile phones…when Steve Jobs flips the switch, the all-seeing ‘i’ will be everywhere. When you wake up tomorrow to find a folder with a question mark where the sun used to be, don’t come crying to us,” Coxe writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention for the heads up.]
Charles Coxe has produced as meaningless a piece of pap as anything we’ve seen in quite some time. Unless it’s meant to be humorous – in which case it also fails – it’s just a nice, catchy headline with nothing substantive underneath.


  1. WTF!! This guy is a freakin moron….sheesh talk about a very overpaid loser. What happened to covering wild parties etc? Has this jackass ever been to a party? Minutia like this is for other publications…I am shocked that this sloppy crap slipped by the editor. Slipped! I shoulda done a face plant!! LOL! What a noob!

  2. AND… WTF is wrong with Apple calling the shots anyway Mr. “I dont go to cool parties” Coxe? Seems like Gates and Co did a great job of fscking it up for most noobs why not let the real professionals take the fsckin wheel for a change. It definitely wont hurt!! OMG! I just realized why this tool is writing about Apple! Apple is officially a rockstar now!! W00t!!! Grats Apple! Grats Steve ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />! Coxe do everyone a favor and stfu!


    Does this guy know something we don’t? Who made THAT announcement? I’ve heard the rumors of a limited number of tracks, remastered..available for Valentines Day. I’ve heard the rumors of a limited number
    of tracks from SOME albums. Where did the news of the Entire Catalog come from?
    This guy is a clickwhore©


  4. rolling stone is a total faakin joke

    the same rag that in it’s list of all time top guitarists put eddie van halen at no. 70 ??!?

    and a talentless loser like the edge ahead of a bona fide genus like jeff beck

    crap mag

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