Wal-Mart makes video downloading awful; even Microsoft wouldn’t dare do this in public

“How bad can Wal-Mart make its web site? …Not only is it DRM infected but it is so badly broken in Firefox I can’t see enough of it to figure out what is broken,” Charlie Demerjian reports for The Inquirer.

“This is an embarrassment of awfulness, any teacher would flunk a first time HTML student for turning in a basic assignment that looked like this, much less a real web site,” Demerjian writes.

Demerjian writes, “You have to question if it tested this at all. There is a ‘beta’ tag that you can see near the top, but even Microsoft wouldn’t dare do this in public.”

Full article, with screenshot of Wal-Mart’s jumbled mess of a site in Firefox, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]
Come now, Mr. Demerjian, deeming any company’s software testing as worse than Microsoft’s is hitting way below the belt. wink

And Wal-Mart’s brick and mortar stores do have some merit at least: they’re excellent places to catch free freak shows at any time of the day or night.

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  1. Slightly off topic, but I have to say that the Amazon Unbox agreement with TiVo that was announced today is a very slick arrangement. I can buy TV shows and movies and save them right to my TiVo. And, the absolutely great part is that I will be able to RENT movies. I don’t want to buy most of the movies I watch. I seldom watch them a second time, so for 1/5 the price, this service will allow me to rent movies without leaving my house at any time I want with no subscription fees. I have been using iTunes, but renting movies is what will push me over to that side. I really hope Apple gets with the movie rentals.

  2. Yeah, ok, sure Zune Tang is funny, he’s doin a parody, yadda yadda yadda.
    First couple of times it WAS funny.
    But the real key to humor is timing. And a good part of timing is knowing when you’ve milked a joke till it’s all dried up.

    My message to Zune Tang is this, “We get the joke, it’s funny, you’re clever, but now you are boring as hell. It’s not funny anymore, you’ve made yourself lame and stale. Move on to something else. ZT – it’s not funny anymore!”

  3. This place is its very own freak show. You have ZT who parodies and some get it, some don’t, and some are so sophisticated that they can only take ZT’s parody style so much before they get annoyed and make themselves look like cold oatmeal in front of everybody.

    Then you get the elites who think 4 children are too many and it is those people’s fault they don’t have money to throw away on frivilous and outrageously expensive crap.

    And you also get the people who say they hardly ever shop at Wal-Mart because they have “standards.” Whatever.

    And there are those who say they NEVER shop at that hellhole of a store, Wal-Mart, because they’re too smart and too American and not lemmings and yada yada yada.

    And then there are those who are trying to stay on-topic: good for you. Keep trying. This site needs you around more. Seriously.

    Whatever you people need to tell yourselves to feel good, you go ahead and say.

    I’m curious what stores the ABWM (Anywhere But Wal Mart) crowd considers good enough.

    MW: Mac users… elitists… Mac users… elitists… there’s a “pattern” here somewhere…

  4. It is great to see WalMart dive in, and we can only hope more and more do so as well…

    The more big-box retailers dive into online store sales, whether implemented well, in mediocre style, or just delivered as a piss-poor solution, it is fantastic news for Apple.

    The overall movie download experience will continue to get more confusing and frutstrating for consumers, further elevating the simplistic and painless iTunes solution.

    In other words, the market will move forward in creating an increasing level of noise, which will elevate iTunes as the crystal clear solution (with AppleTV of course).

    Apple’s iTunes platform will only get stronger with each additional entry from big-box retailers attempting to do something they have zero core competency in doing.

    Big-Box retailers don’t get it:
    They believe they are simply selling movies online. Nothing could be further from truth. Purchasing forms of entertainment for download online is not like selling a box of Tide.

    The truth is that entertainment-for-download (music or movies) is about a software and hardware solution seamlessly integrated and easy to use anywhere, anytime.

    The ability to deliver this end-to-end entertainment solution is what Apple has been molded into by Jobs, and is about as far away as Heaven is from Hell, in what any big-box store can ever hope to deliver.

    We should be thanking WalMart for such a move.

  5. Okay there MDN Freak sure – out your money where your mouth is:

    I shop at Target. I also shop at LL Bean sometimes. For good quality, I shop at Nordstrom during the semi-annual sales.

    For groceries, Wegmans and Harris Teater. I do go to Sam’s Club once in a while, but even there it can get “interesting.” Am I an elitist, that is subjective, but I make no apologies.

    So, Tom Cruise sake, get over yourself. You seem to be the judgmental elitist right now

  6. they fixed it !

    sort of, instead of displaying rubbish, they are displaying a message saying it’s not compatible.

    these IDIOTS are also dispkaying that message when u use Safari !! wich was working perfectly well !


    Unsupported Browser
    We’re sorry …
    Our website requires the browser Internet Explorer version 6 or higher. It appears that you are using Firefox, Safari, or another browser that Wal-Mart Video Downloads doesn’t currently support. Click here to get Internet Explorer for free from Microsoft.

    Thank You


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