TransGaming teams with NVIDIA to bring top tier video games to Apple Macintosh

TransGaming Inc., developer of software portability products for the electronic entertainment industry, announced today a collaboration with NVIDIA Corporation, maker of programmable graphics processor technologies, to bring top tier video games to the Intel-based Macintosh platform using TransGaming’s Cider portability engine in conjunction with NVIDIA’s CgFX graphics system.

TransGaming’s Cider technology revolutionizes the migration and deployment of triple-A video games for the Intel Macintosh by eliminating the time and expense of porting Windows games to the Mac. Today’s video games deliver immersive graphics and game play using high-level shader language (HLSL) technologies pioneered by NVIDIA. The collaboration between TransGaming and NVIDIA now allows Cider to run high-level shaders created for Microsoft’s Direct3D platform using the NVIDIA CgFX framework. To accomplish this, TransGaming and NVIDIA have worked together to improve Cg in several areas, ranging from Effect (.fx) file compatibility through to performance, resulting in the ability to release more high-end games on the Mac with Cider.

”The collaboration between TransGaming and NVIDIA is an important step for Mac gaming. Our collaborative efforts with Cg provide a sophisticated alternative implementation of Direct3D compatible high level shaders on the Mac; this is important because Microsoft restricts the distribution of Direct3D on non-Microsoft platforms. We look forward to releasing many blockbuster titles this year with Cg”, stated Vikas Gupta, CEO & President of TransGaming, in the press release.

“NVIDIA’s work with TransGaming has greatly accelerated the development of the CgFX graphics system. TransGaming’s cross platform experience has allowed us to make CgFX more compatible with developer’s existing shader systems, and opens the door to a consistent developer model for deploying shader effects in different environments. The combination of Cider and Cg will give Mac gamers the best gaming experience possible and we’re pleased to be working with TransGaming to change the Mac gaming landscape”, said Roy Taylor, VP of Content Engagement for NVIDIA, in the press release.

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  1. Let’s hope the new Mac Pro models (I am guessing will be released with ‘Leopard’) have some decent (i.e. top end) graphics card options. e.g. nVidia 8800.

    Even better would be Apple allowing one to use any ATi or nVidia card in Mac Pro — just like you can use any hard disk or memory — why don’t they allow this?

  2. “Even better would be Apple allowing one to use any ATi or nVidia card in Mac Pro — just like you can use any hard disk or memory — why don’t they allow this?”

    As I understand it, the problem is not what Apple does or does not allow but that the video card itself must be modified in order to work with Macs because all intel macs use EFI whereas PC’s still use BIOS. So each graphics card must be a special mac compatible version in order to work with OSX, but you can put any graphics card into a Mac Pro and have it work while running Windows via Boot Camp, because that uses BIOS. I’m pretty sure video card manufacturers could solve this by making their cards able to recognize when to work with EFI and when to work with BIOS but work interchangably on either, but apparently they haven’t bothered to do so as of yet, which means that for now Mac Pro owners are (unless they want to run Windows) restricted to buying cards that Apple has ordered from Nvidia/ATi and that Nvidia/ATi have subsequently modified to work.

  3. To Big Al: “Turning the Mac into a toy just like a Windows PC?”

    Why not, Macs can be anything to anybody. That’s what it’s all about, and let the “I can’t buy a Mac because I play high powered games” be proven false.

    It’s all about gaining every bit of marketshare. No stone left unturned. You can’t attack on only one front to win a war.

    MDN magic word “fact” as in, that is one!

  4. You’ve got to be kidding me. “Mindless gaming.” They have MONEY, don’t they? They are possible PC CONQUEST SALES, aren’t they? It’s called business!

    If games are a major factor in what’s prohibiting many young people from converting to Mac then this barrier must be knocked down. I hope this is a start.

  5. I welcome this. There is room for all on the Mac platform and absolutely ZERO reasons to be elitist or exclusionary. And gamers are notoriously demanding when it comes to cutting-edge technology, so maybe we’ll see some improvements on the Mac platform including some video cards that are worth a damn.

  6. Just wait until Apple launches a multi-touch tablet, revolutionizing UI as we know it (and pattented it)… people will be queuing Apple Stores to buy that device that will let you feel the game with your fingers!!!

    Write what I’m saying, iPhone is just a start for changing the whole computer business…

  7. Georgy Porgy,

    The misconception is only debunked when the games arrive.

    So far, none have. They’ve announced what they are “going” to do…we’ll see.


    No shit, did you think of that all by your self?

    You’re a genius.

  8. i welcome the change of pace. the only reason i’ve kept a windows machine since i switched three years ago is to play a few games. any of you stuffed shirts who feel that gaming on a computer is for ignorant people who won’t just get a console, get a clue. the pc gaming industry is BIG. for the mac to have a slice of that, and for me to not have to resign myself to a windows computer just to play a few odd games would be spectacular. if you don’t want games on your mac..? DON’T INSTALL THEM. having games available for the mac doesn’t make the mac less useful or less special. anyone who says otherwise really IS drinking too much kool-aid.

    bring on the games!!

    (next step for me? get a macbook pro! i’m at school right now and there’s a dude sitting next to me who has one. man… makes my tibook look absolutely archaic.)

  9. Guys!!

    I really don’t think you see how BIG this news is.

    Mac gaming is considered a joke by PC heads – it’s considered a joke by Mac users too.

    Once game developers get their hands on Cider it will effectively destroy another barrier to Mac purchases and makes the PC/Mac playing field that much more level.

    Games will be released for PC AND Mac simlultaneously. The MacPro will finally be up on the list of gaming machines.

    This is very big news.

    Micros**t sucks

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