Analyst: Apple’s next-gen iPod expected to include wide touch screen, wi-fi and GPS

“New features emerging in Apple’s next generation portable media player could enhance connectivity and convenience. However some changes may cause current Apple partners grief,” Daniel Jacobs reports for International Business Times.

Jacobs reports, “In a note delivered to clients on Monday, research analyst Jesse Tortora said that Apple’s next generation video-iPod may include significant changes, adding a larger screen and potentially, internet capabilities. ‘The next gen video ipod[s] are expected to include a wider touch screen, wi-fi and GPS,’ he said.”

Jacobs reports, “The addition of GPS functionality should position the iPod as the central hub for all digital content (music, movies, GPS) in automobiles, the researcher explained.”

Jacobs reports, “Apple may also shift away from hard-drive technology in its next generation video player one analyst contends, causing a potential shakeup in the disk storage market. ‘Our checks indicate that Apple may not proceed with its next generation hard disk drive (HDD) based video iPod design, transitioning instead to NAND flash as soon as late ’07,’ Tortora told clients.”

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  1. Nope.

    While there may be models in the 8 to 10 GB range that use only flash memory, I have to believe that there will still be HD’s that are in the 60-80-100 GB range.

    Imagine a widescreen iPod that has a 4-inch display that can do a full 480p resolution with coverflow and can also store dozens of movies along with thousands of songs.

    And all for $299.

    I want one right now!

  2. A wide touch screen video iPod sounds like a big ass winner to me. A video screen that both fits in your pocket and is easy on the eyes to watch.

    Now all you need is Vidcasts (basically the same as a podcast but with video). Think youtube, but on a H.264 file format.


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