TIME Magazine: Microsoft’s Windows Vista ‘an embarassment to the good name of American innovation’

“Vista is a perfectly respectable new iteration of Windows. They’ve even, finally, come up with a decent way to make laptops sleep and wake up again, which XP was never very good at. The fact that it took Microsoft over five years and $6 billion dollars to create Vista is — and I mean this quite seriously — an embarrassment to the good name of American innovation, but it’s perfectly fine,” Lev Grossman reports for TIME Magazine.

Grossman writess, “Two closing thoughts. One, there’s a lot of functionality built into Vista — look at the photo editor, which is integrated with the operating system and which works like a stripped-down version of the already-stripped-down Photoshop Elements. Isn’t that the kind of anti-competitive integration that got Microsoft into anti-trust court last time around? (Not that they ever left: they’re facing hundred-million Euro fines in Europe as we speak.)”

“And two, Vista’s real test won’t be some reviewer checking off features in his lonely office. It will come when millions of Vista users make their way out into the deep waters of the greater Internet ecology, where legions of Internet-based criminals will start banging away on its security features, looking for a way to fool it, break it or hijack it. Translucent borders are all well and good, but out there in the jungle, no one cares how pretty you are,” Grossman reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Vista is a perfectly respectable new iteration of Windows.” Nothing like clearing the bar of no expectations, huh? Microsoft and innovation do not mix. Luckily for the good name of “American innovation,” that Apple’s actually doing it – as usual – instead of wasting time and money playing office politics and doing nothing in their cubicles all day except BS’ing and complaining about towels.

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  1. WTF?

    The new vista photo program is tied into the operating system.

    You mean you can’t remove it without harming the operating system like MS does with their browser?

    That makes no sense.

    if true, then it is just stupid.

  2. Reminds me of an episode of NewsRadio where Bill receives a review that calls him adequate and he endlessly spins it so that adequate is the ultimate anyone could possible aim for.

    New from Microsoft: Windows Vista – it’s “Perfectly Fine”.

  3. Microsoft has to innovate a lot…

    It takes quite a lot of innovation to get away with stealing,




    , and fool the public that they created it themselves.

    That’s were all the billions went, they had to come up with new ideas on how to sell a bad copy of yesterday’s Mac OS as tomorrows'”new” shiny cool (sarcasm) Microsoft Windows. So while the marketing department is loaded with cash, the actual developers were probably underpaid and rioting (how otherwise can one build such a big pile of DRM crap).

    MDN magic word: directly, as in, they should be directly banned from selling it.

    To all the fools buying it: have fun with all the DRM. I wonder how long it is going to take for the web to be flooded with complaints (class-action lawsuits), as Windows starts block legitamet software or content. Any OS that serves the industry while disadvantages its user should be left alone. In fact, perhaps the industry should be paying users to install it. That would probably be the only way of driving adaption of this rather vile, poorly engineered, loathsome, obnoxious, and pathetic product of Bill’s uninmaginative mind.

  4. Give it a break, guys. The vast majority of computer users can be quite satisfied with “a much improved version of Windows”. Especially if it is significantly more secure than their previous version. When you are used to all the boiled potatoes you can eat, a BK Broiler is a huge upgrade. We Mac users have been spoiled and we should spend more time being grateful for that and less time sneering at the peasants. Be happy for them, their lives have just gotten noticeably better – and yours haven’t, not quite yet. So, take your Big Mac with fries over to your corner and watch silently as they learn to enjoy something better for a change. In a month or two we’ll be blowing this joint for a sit-down restaurant with real waiters.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page

  5. We could have Sly Stallone as Rocky doing an ad for Vista.

    Hey! Youse guys. Vista is perfectly fine. Like, its ok…know what I mean?

    Won’t do youse no harm. Doan worry bout it. Its almost as pretty as my Mac.

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