Michael Dell is no Steve Jobs

“Michael Dell, who conceived a new way to sell a then-hot product, is returning to Dell,” Marek Fuchs reports for TheStreet.com.

Fuchs reports, “The one misleadingly positive mistake made by much of the business media on Dell’s return was, by way of historical context, to segue right into mentions of Steve Jobs’ historic return to Apple. From the wire services on, this was done in automatic-pilot mode.”

Fuchs writes, “For example, said the Associated Press: ‘In 1997, co-founder Steve Jobs came back as CEO to the then-struggling maker of Macintosh computers and quickly transformed it into a leading consumer electronics maker with the iMac computers and the iPod music players.’ It is not an apt comparison.”

“Jobs is one of the only chief executives who probably hits the triple crown of genius: entrepreneurial, managerial and self-promotional. He came back and innovated, promoted and (to a lesser extent) managed Apple’s way back to prominence. Moreover, he was one of the few entrepreneurial geniuses who proved that genius could strike more than once,” Fuchs writes.

Fuchs writes, “Dell realized that direct sales were the way to go with computers. However, that was really the only evidence of the sort of entrepreneurial genius that his company needs from here. At this point, with computers such a commodity, his great entrepreneurial call from long ago won’t be enough to save the day. His managerial brilliance will work to shore up the company’s faded service reputation a bit, but it’s too little too late.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, it’s not too late to for Michael Dell to – all together now – shut down the company and give the money back to the shareholders!

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  1. And how did Mr. Dell say he was going to save the company? “Innovate” supply chain and assembly processes…… Isn’t that one trick pony dead?

    Like RC said, can’t out cheap China. Dell will be gone by 2010

  2. Another reason that the comparison doesn’t fly is that Michael Dell didn’t actually ever leave the company! He just hasn’t been the CEO. Hardly the same thing. SJ had no part of anything that happened at Apple between 1986 and 1996. Michael Dell has been there the whole time, and while Kevin Rollins was the CEO running the day to day, he was still a part of the decision making. He is absolutely not a Steve Jobs, but the circumstances are nothing alike either.

  3. Dell is the McDonalds of the computer industry. Everybody knows the quality is s__t but for some reason, they keep going back for more.

    Dell = McDonalds

    Dell crap computer = McDonalds crap hamburger

    Windows crap software on Dell crap computer = crap ingredients on McDonalds crap hamburgher

    Now I am getting hungry!

  4. Paid PC Trolls,

    Look, you may like PC’s. You may even like Windows OS software.

    But there is no way you can honestly say that you like the low end Dell crap.

    You should also know that the high end Dells are more expensive than equivalent Macs, HP’s and Lenovo’s.

    Anyone who buys Dell really is an idiot.

  5. “Where do you think Dells are made? Just wondering how stupid you are…”

    My dad works for Brandt and Hill, a company that designs and builds Dell’s assembly plants. Im not sure where all of dells machines are made but I know some of them are made IN TEXAS. Ive seen it with my own eyes…more than once.

    Just in case your wondering, I dont get along with my dad too well.

  6. @Wow…

    Dells are from Texas… ah HAH… that explains it. LOTS of SHIT comes from Texas. Just check the White House…oh, wait that “Texan” is really a boarding school raised, Ivy league edjumacated, draft dodging Connecticut Yankee MASQUERADING as a Texan.

    It’s hard to keep all those turds straight…

    MDN Magic Word: quite

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