Apple attacks Microsoft’s Windows Vista with ad campaign, new ‘Get a Mac’ pages

“For nearly a year, television and Internet audiences have been seeing a familiar string of ads from Apple attacking rival Windows-based computers. With this week’s release of Windows Vista, the newest jabs aren’t any friendlier,” May Wong reports for The Associated Press.

Wong reports, “In one ad, the character personifying the PC is dressed in hospital patient garb, talking about how he’s set to undergo major surgery to upgrade to Vista. He then saunters off, telling the Mac character that if he doesn’t come back, Mac can have his peripherals.”

Wong reports, “On its own Web site, Apple Inc. tells visitors to get a Mac, stating, ‘Why upgrade to Vista when you can upgrade past it?'”

“Microsoft Corp. launched Vista on Tuesday, its first major overhaul to the Windows operating system in five years. It features sleek new graphics, better search capabilities, improved security measures and multimedia tools, as well as more advanced parental controls and gaming support,” Wong reports.

“Yet Microsoft detractors, Mac users, and even PC-oriented magazine editors are pointing to how some of those features already exist on Macs. And Apple _ set to release its own upgrade to its Mac OS X operating system, code-named ‘Leopard,’ this spring _ has already promised more innovations, such as automatic backups of files and advanced animation features,” Wong reports. “The Cupertino-based company has repeatedly ribbed Microsoft to ‘start its photocopiers.'”

Full article here.

Apple has upgraded their “Get a Mac” pages upon Microsoft’s Windows Vista release:

Thinking about upgrading to Vista? Even more reasons to get a Mac.

1. No upgrade nightmares. Before you can even think about Vista, you’ll likely need a new PC. Or upgrades for memory, hard disk, and graphics card. Why go through all that hassle, when you can just get a Mac? Read more.
2. You can even run Windows. Mac gives you choices. With the latest software options, an Intel-powered Mac can easily run Vista or Windows XP applications. Not that you’ll want to… Read more.
3. It’s simpler. No need to choose from the many (and expensive) flavors of Vista. Every Mac runs the same Mac OS X — with the full set of industry-leading features. Read more.
4. You don’t have to buy new stuff. Your existing printer, camera, keyboard, and mouse will work with a Mac. PCs and Macs can usually share peripherals if they connect via USB, FireWire, or Bluetooth, three industry standards built into every Mac. Read more.
5. Know iTunes? You’ll feel right at home. You’ll recognize features like the library collection, playlist arrangement, and instant search in many Mac applications. So you’re something of a Mac expert already. Read more.
6. Macs run Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office for Mac OS X gives you Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, all with familiar features and shortcut commands. For collaborative work, Office for Mac connects to Microsoft Exchange servers. Read more.
7. You can take it with you. Most popular applications for Mac and PC use the same file formats, making it simple to exchange documents with friends and coworkers or move existing files from a PC to a Mac. Read more.

See all of Apple’s new “Get a Mac” pages here:

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Dude, you got a Dell? What are you, stupid? Only Apple Macs run both Mac OS X and Windows! – April 05, 2006


  1. @Prophet,

    Gee, I don’t know. What has happened since Microsoft became the monopoly? FACT: Apple has an almost-monopoly with the iPod+iTunes connection, and all I’ve seen there is innovation after innovation.

    If you believe that absolute power corrupts absolutely, I suppose Apple will become more M$-like over time, but let’s wait and see if that occurs, OK?

  2. 4. 114,000 Viruses? Not on a Mac.

    Mac OS X was designed for high security, so it isn’t plagued by constant attacks from viruses and malware like PCs. Likewise, it isn’t plagued by never-ending security dialog boxes like those in Vista. So you can safely go about your work — or fun — without interruption.

    And that’s the truth, Bill. You fscked up.

  3. Apple has CLASS. Monopoly or not that won’t change.

    It’s what Microsoft doesn’t comprehend… even when they try to demonstrate they have it, they end up proving they don’t..

    (Better to keep quite and be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it beyond doubt).

  4. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> This should open a few more eyes to see the Mac way is better. It’s finally a good advertisement for OSX.

  5. The “switch” is happening. It’s a glacial switch, but Microsoft and it’s crony industry is feeling the heat. People are fed up. They’re fed up with the corruption and the lies. Oh wait we’re talking about computing not the GOP. Oh well same difference.

  6. “So what happens when Apple becomes the monopoly?”

    Just as it is with music, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s any good, and just because something is obscure doesn’t mean it’s any good either. The Beatles were huge, but they never sacrifised quality for quantity. Having said that, Garbage sold tons of records, but most people don’t realize they got famous ripping off an amazing band from the UK called Curve.

    If Apple becomes huge they will need to work even harder to maintain their quality, because people will be gunning for their demise.

    I’m not worried tho. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. New Get a Mac Commerical Concept:

    PC walks up to Mac dressed in a t-shirt and hoodie, pulling an IV drip on a stand behind him. PC then tells Mac that he has undergone surgery to get Vista and asks Mac what he thinks of his new look.

    Mac stares at PC and tells him that he has had the same look for the last six years. PC tries to deny that he has copied Mac’s look, and starts to sneeze. PC states that despite having just switched to Vista, he still must have picked up a bug or two.

    A man walks up to PC dressed as a Hollywood movie director with a v necked sweater, beret and megaphone. He pulls PC’s glasses off of his face, throws them on the ground, and stomps on them. When PC demands to know why he did this, Hollywood Guy tells PC that he produces high def movies, and has determined that PC’s type of glasses can be used to improperly view them. PC protests that he doesn’t watch high def movies, and Hollywood Guy tells him that he can do this since he switched to Vista, read the contract. PC mumbles that he can’t read the contract since his glasses got smashed.

    PC hangs his head down and states he shouldn’t have gotten Vista: he still doesn’t feel well after the surgery, he’s still gotten sick from a computer virus, and now his glasses are smashed. He also doesn’t think that he has the right look for a PC.

    Hollywood Guy walks over to Mac and asks to look at his glasses. Mac points off stage and tells Hollywood Guy to leave; Hollywood Guy exits.

    Mac walks over to PC and puts his arm on PC’s shoulder to comfort him. PC makes Mac promise to warn him if a music producer wants to come over and inspect his ears. Mac agrees. Scene ends.

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