Ask the BBC make upcoming iPlayer on-demand service Mac compatible

“The BBC Trust has given the go-ahead to the corporation’s iPlayer on-demand service, but with a number of changes including some proposed by media watchdog Ofcom,” MarketingWeek reports.

MarketingWeek reports, “Diane Coyle, the BBC Trust member who chairs the public value test steering group, says: ‘Our view is that the BBC’s new on-demand services are likely to deliver significant public value, and should be allowed to proceed, but subject to certain conditions in order to reduce the potential negative market impact.'”

“BBC management has been asked to ensure that the on-demand TV services work on all computer operating systems, not just Microsoft’s Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10,” MarketingWeek reports.

MarketingWeek reports, “The Trust’s proposals will go to further consultation, with a March 28 deadline for submissions. A final decision is expected in May.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John D.” for the heads up.]
Bravo! Now, let’s see if they actually do it.

Take part in the public consultation (takes about 5-minutes):

[UPDATED: February 1, 2007: 8:45am.]


  1. I agree, ron. Nothing about the “Beeb” or England as a whole is Mac friendly. After all, Apple represents individual choice and the freedom to “think different.” Microsoft represents “think just the same as everybody else,” a philosophy with which Englanders have always been comfortable. Remember, “The Communist Manifesto,” “Brave New World” and “1984” were written for citizens of the Sceptered Isle, not–NOT–those of the New World.

    The BBC Trust will NEVER assent to Mac-inclusion. NEVER.

  2. They should make them available on the UK iTunes store for free, much cheaper than their expensive to be built MS option.

    After all, British tax payers paid for every minute of it and more…(the plan is content self destructs 30 days after downloading)

  3. However Linux and Mac use may not come into effect until 24 months prior to the service launching. See page 11

    And they are talking about using Real player in additon to Windows Media Player!!!

    I and I expect many other Mac users would prefer the shows to be available through iTunes or at least Quicktime. Although not sure how this would work as BBC shows would need to be free to UK users whilst limiting storage to 7 days (or what ever they decide).

  4. The way it should have been from the get go-why alienate or exclude anyone?

    The answer is that the bbc have cut deals with certain companies to supply equipment, the link to all these companies is microsoft

    The BBC have been nti mac for a long time and the bias can be seen in their so called computer show on BBC News ‘click’

    I get fed up of having how innovative MS are and how Vista is the most secure OS ever released by anyone

    MW: Audience as why cater to all of them

  5. If the dread BBC actually does a pro-Mac thing I’ll be surprised, but (as license-tax payer) very pleased.

    Why can’t Auntie just stick progs on iTunes which has x-platform compatibility already??

  6. I’ve emailed the BBC’s iPlayer team about this in the past, and have received similar replies that other UK broadcasters who deliver content over the web provide.

    Love to do it. Rights holders demand DRM. Only DRM scheme on Mac is FairPlay. Apple do not license FairPlay.

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