Apple to open fifth Houston area retail store in Baybrook Mall

“All we can say is: What took so long? Baybrook Mall reports that it soon will house the fifth Apple store in the Houston area. That means local Apple lovers can get up close and personal to iPods, Macs, nanos and shuffles,” Laura Elder blogs for The Galveston Country Daily News. “And is that the new iPhone calling?”

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The Baybrook Mall is located in Friendswood, Texas. According to their website:

Here, shopping is at its best, with a list of stores that includes favorites such as Williams Sonoma, Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek, Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, Coach, White House Black Market, Hollister, Forever 21, Bebe, and more. A number of popular stores opened in Baybrook Mall in 2006, and we have even more coming in 2007. Coming Soon: Apple

There is no mention yet of the upcoming store on Apple’s Retail Store pages:

ifoAppleStore broke this story on December 12, 2005 here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mozfan” for the heads up.]


  1. We found out about this through earlier this month – it’s about time! Baybrook is (supposedly) the 2nd highest traffic’ed mall in Harris County (Houston) so it should be a good move for Apple with all of Galveston County, southern Harris County, NASA, etc. in the area.

    First post?

    MDN Magic Word “type” – can I type fast enough for first post?
    PS I live two miles from Baybrook, yes I will be waiting in line!

  2. Hey, there, pardner, ain’t cha furgetin’ us folks in West Texas. Ya’ll put a store up here in Lubbock. After a day o’ riding the range I like to put mah heels up and email my buds in Canada, do a little Photoshopin’, check out the price of beef and oil, send mah cousins pictures of the missus and kids, email mah ol’ Pa, compose a few cowboy poems, an’ order more feed from the tradin’ post.

  3. Baybrook isn’t a “fancy” mall, but it is reportedly one of the highest grossing in $/sqft. Apple will sell a lot of products through this outlet and I will be very glad to have one nearby.

    Do the physical Apple Stores sell only at retail prices, or can they also offer the discounted educational and state/federal government prices offered at the online Apple Store?

  4. I don’t see why Houston needs a 5th Apple Store, while other areas in the country don’t have any. Then again, with Houston annually being rated the fattest and most out of shape city in the nation, I guess Houstonites probably get winded driving that extra few miles to the already existing Apple Store. Hope they have a lot of handicapped parking spots out front, or a shuttle from the car to the store. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Two things

    @KingMel-When I went to the Apple Store in my town, they said I had to order online to get my educational discount, dunno if the store in your area will give you the discount, but I’d bet not.

    @Jimbo- the “fattest” city in America award is given out by the proportion of resturants/gyms in a metropolitan area. Houston, known for its worldly variety when it comes to food, should rank high on this list regardless of other factors.

  6. When it comes to Apple stores, i just have to say: Europe, Asia and the middle east. There are only what, two stores in Britain for all of Europe? Why aren’t there stores in Paris, Berlin, Prague, and Stockholm? No Apple store in Hong Kong? Apple should go after some of that oil money in Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc.

  7. Chris,

    If you Google “fattest city america”, you’ll get a number of hits. Men’s Fitness and WebMD are both near the top. They list the factors that determine the fattest city. While the restaurants to gyms ratio is part of it, it also includes percentage of population that is obese among the many other factors. Houston is still at or near the top every year. Chicago knocked it off the top briefly, but Houston regained the title the following year.

    I’ve been to Houston, and I do have to say it deserves the title. Mind you, not everyone in Houston is fat (of course). Just as in any city, you’ll find people that are in shape and care about their bodies. But damn!, there are a lot of fat folks plugging around that city. The only place I’ve seen more fatties was in Disneyworld, where it seems that about 90% of the people over 40 were on those little electric scooters and were quite large.

    On day, aliens will land here and harvest our fatties to feed their populace!!!

  8. Houston isn’t the 2nd largest city, it’s the 4th. New York, Los Angeles and Chicago all top it. That being said, and since I live smack dab in the middle of the Galleria and Memorial City Apple stores, all I can say is “Hooray” for another one!
    Now Apple? How about San Antonio? Along the RiverWalk?

  9. King Mel –

    I work for a well known university (think burnt orange) and when I show up at the Galleria store and show my badge, I get Education pricing – for hardware ONLY – for software discounts you must order online. This at least usually pays for the sales tax ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Jimbo –

    Houston does have four stores already – but Houston is a very wide spread city – the existing stores will be more than 30 miles away from the Baybrook store, and the population within 30 miles of the Baybrook store easily exceeds 1 million. The Houston Metro area is easily 50+ miles wide North/South and East/West, and has in excess of 4 million residents. There is a CompUSA and a Fry’s that do have Apple hardware, but it’s questionable if they provide a good Apple experience.

    I am part of the Texas Medical Center Mac Users Group ( and wonder if a Baybrook Apple Store would support a MUG – perhaps a branch of the Houston Area Apple Users Group (

    MDN Magic Word “get” – we get the need for a Baybrook Apple Store!

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