Analyst: AT&T to aggressively woo new subscribers with Apple iPhone service fee discounts

“Apple’s iPhone is slated for shipment in June, but the device raises several important questions because it represents a new market segment for the Cupertino-based company. Research firm Piper Jaffray’s senior analyst Gene Munster mulls over these questions which range from the economics of the Cingular/Apple partnership to the addressable market of the iPhone, addressing each while examining the Apple/iPhone story,” MacNN reports.

MacNN reports, “Each iPhone customer will need to sign a two-year contract with Cingular, regardless of which store they purchase the handset from, and another Piper Jaffray analyst for the Mobile space believes Cingular will not subsidize the iPhone… ‘We believe [that] Cingular will be aggressively attracting new subscribers during the launch of the iPhone by reducing service fees and announcing discounts to iPhone customers,’ Munster said.”

MacNN reports, “Apple and Cingular have signed a multi-year exclusive contract for the iPhone, but Munster says it is still unclear whether the deal applies to all iPhone models released throughout the duration of the contract. Cingular’s president of national distribution Glenn Lurie in mid-January, however, said that Apple’s contract with the cellular carrier covers ‘all models’ of the iPhone including several other devices in the works that could debut in the near future. ‘We believe Apple will release new iPhone models quickly (as the company has with the iPod) and these devices will eventually be open to other wireless carriers, possibly even before the Cingular contract expires.'”

“The analyst estimates that a 3G-based iPhone would cost an additional $100, but that Apple will eventually reap the benefits of economies of scale and favorable component markets, ultimately releasing a 3G model. Despite the current lack of 3G support, Apple’s iPhone offers WiFi support as part of its broad feature set,” MacNN reports.

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. Until the wireless carriers are brushed aside by the wave of technology, this phone will always be hampered by them. They are as bad as the record industry and will hold Apple back. This phone is at least a decade ahead of the infrastructure that supports it. Put it this way. Its like trying to run the Bullet Train on Amtrak’s track.

  2. with the discounts on service contracts, but according to rumor in the article about Verizon passing on the iPhone, Apple may be getting a cut of service fees. If that is true, Apple could themsleves take a hit on this portion initially to help with demand.

  3. I agree AP, the technology is there, especially with my “want” if I am in a wifi hot spot, (like my home) I should be able to use VOIP

    I know there are some portable VOIP phones out there, but I dont know of any combo’s, and any way, I want the iPhone

  4. Aggressively woo…? I’ve got some news for Cingular/ATT, just put service in my area – yup, that’s it, and you’ve got me as a customer.

    Several times I’ve been to both ATT and Cing. web sites to try and send an email that we would like to have them as an alternative to Verizon in our rural area, but I can’t even find a place to send an email, or make a phone call.

    A word to ATT, save your big budget ad. dollars and just make sure that EVERYONE who wants the iPhone can get ALL of your cellular services WHERE EVER they are in the US. That’s it, that’s all you need to do. Its not complicated and if any corp. can afford to do it you can. Save us the sexy ads and just put service out there – period. The damn phone will sell itself – period.

  5. Make it 3G already. I have been on 3G with my phone for over a year now in the UK. And i hope they don’t try and get us on a 2 year contract in the UK, it won’t be popular. We are used to 1 year contracts!

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