The Inquirer: With lackluster Vista now released, Apple should license Mac OS X to Dell

“The introduction of Microsoft Windows Vista and its’ many confusing and progressively expensive flavors has opened up a er, period of opportunity for Apple (formerly Apple Computer),” Doug Mohney writes for The Inquirer. “Will Steve Jobs take a really bold chance to increase his market share or just play it safe with his little fiefdom of iPods, iTunes and forthcoming iTV? Operating systems may not be sleek and sexy to Steve, since he realizes he can make more recurring revenue off of music at a dollar a pop than selling decent hardware. However, Vista is being beaten like a dead horse by the mass media…”

Mohney writes, “If Apple was serious, and I mean really serious, about gaining more PC market share, they’d realize they need to license/sell their operating system to another hardware manufacturer or two. Sure, Apple’s tried the license route before with mixed results, but it’s about time to bite the bullet, look into the mirror, and realize they should try something bold. Apple should license their operating system to Dell.”

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  1. ive actually come to agree… they should price it at a premium and have serious restrictions on what machines dell could put it on, though, so that apple doesnt have to compete with dell on the crappy $400 machines… that would increase the software availability and strengthen the mac platform. people would be less wary of switching to mac if they knew they wouldnt be locked into one manufacturer.

  2. Why? Most Dell users will have to upgrade their hardware to run Vista anyway, so why not buy a Mac upgrade instead? There’s virtually no price difference and the Mac and the Dell and unlike the Dell the Mac will run both Mac OS X and Vista.

  3. “Operating systems may not be sleek and sexy to Steve, since he realizes he can make more recurring revenue off of music at a dollar a pop than selling decent hardware.”

    I’m sorry but this makes no sense at all. There’s no connection between “operating systems” and “decent hardware,” and Apple’s revenue comes primarily from hardware, not music.

  4. I don’t know when it’s going to be released, but based on recent posts on the web, the APPARENT date is in June. Was this somehow offensive? I hope it’s tomorrow. Sensitive much?


  5. GOD NO that would destroy everything the Mac users have been fighting for all those years. I can’t even imagine Mac OS on a ugly dell pee cee ewww!! although what whoeverisme posted is very interesting, That would be sweet:)

    MDN magic word “added” as in I added Mac OS on my Dell inspiron.

  6. I have a lot of problems with this one, namely the “opportunity for Apple” nonsense. Give me a break. Windows Vista is the final nail in the coffin for Apple. I’ve got some office space available for rent in Cupertino right off the freeway. Availability? February 1. Vista’s raw power and sheer innovation is light years ahead of anything Crapple has ever come up with—and that’s in the entry-level home edition. I like to call it the “Wow” factor. Vista is gorgeous, stable and secure—unlike that OS X bloatware you lemmings battle every day.

    WIth Vista Microsoft has Apple right where they want them. Gone. I predict that Apple will announce they have been bought by Dell so they can concetrate on shipping computers with a real OS—Windows Vista. Nobody can compete with the type of quality, innovation and “gotta have it” facets of Microsoft Windows Vista. Can’t beat ’em? Join ’em.

    The other problem I have is the call for Apple to license OS X. Noboday wants it. Maybe in 5 years Apple will be where Microsoft is today with the magnificent Windows Vista. Dell, HP, Gateway, etc. know better than to waste their time and money on Apple’s also-ran copy of Windows 98. The IT guys where I work don’t want OS X and that’s all I or you need to know.

    Your potential. Our passion.

  7. Why? Mac sales are growing at a rate several times that of Windows PC in general. The reason is Mac OS X and the other software that comes with Macs. Hardware design is also a key factor, but the thing that makes Macs unique is Mac OS X. Why would Apple give away that advantage?

    Apple will be at 10% in the US in the next two years. Two years later, it will be at 20%. Even then, Mac OS X may still be the minority OS, but that’s one company, Apple, with 20% of the PC market. That will be a much better place to be than Mac OS X perhaps having 25% and Apple sharing that piece of the hardware sales pie with Dell, HP, and others.

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