The Inquirer: With lackluster Vista now released, Apple should license Mac OS X to Dell

“The introduction of Microsoft Windows Vista and its’ many confusing and progressively expensive flavors has opened up a er, period of opportunity for Apple (formerly Apple Computer),” Doug Mohney writes for The Inquirer. “Will Steve Jobs take a really bold chance to increase his market share or just play it safe with his little fiefdom of iPods, iTunes and forthcoming iTV? Operating systems may not be sleek and sexy to Steve, since he realizes he can make more recurring revenue off of music at a dollar a pop than selling decent hardware. However, Vista is being beaten like a dead horse by the mass media…”

Mohney writes, “If Apple was serious, and I mean really serious, about gaining more PC market share, they’d realize they need to license/sell their operating system to another hardware manufacturer or two. Sure, Apple’s tried the license route before with mixed results, but it’s about time to bite the bullet, look into the mirror, and realize they should try something bold. Apple should license their operating system to Dell.”

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  1. Poppycock! If you have 200% growth, expanding market share, and more importantly market momentum…why would you license OS X to DELL of all people. They’re the definition of mediocrity.

    The whole problem with Windows and Microsoft is the multitude of hardware and manufacturers. Some see this as a plus…but it’s not. It leads to the lowest common denominator of a product. Vertical integration solidifies product excellence. Apple designs the hardware. Apple designs the OS. Apple designs many of the apps. It all works. And it works exceedingly well.

  2. No they bloody well shouldn’t. They are going to sell well enough themselves so why rope in a bottom feeder?

    It would be the same as giving in to the loco’s in Norway over iTunes/iPod DRM issues.

  3. Did you listen to the Macworld Key note?

    Jobs quoted Alan Kay as ‘Anyone who is serious about software should make their own hardware’. He added that Apple is following that direction even now. So there is no question of licensing the software.


  4. This is unlikely to happen. Given Leopard’s apparent June release– which feels like a long time coming, even if it isn’t– I think Apple is going the blow-them-out-of-the-water approach. It would be interesting to see a head-to-head battle between OS X and Windows, but ultimately, Apple is a “product company” (Steve’s term). They want to make the complete thing– there is no soul without the body.

  5. The Inquirer writes such junk. Not just because of its questionable grammar (“its” never has an apostrophe after it; “opened up a er, period of opportunity”) but because of its transparent rhetoric suited to an idiotic reader base. If you’ve ever read the British tabloids The Sun or Daily Mail, this type of propaganda will scream out at you as the BS it really is.

  6. It would, to a degree, be very fun to pull the rug out from under Microsoft. Can you imagine seeing their stock drop a large percentage in a single day. Oh the glorious fun that would be. But in the end it would not be worth helping Dell and risking the experience by separating the hardware from the software.

    Basically Steve Jobs is a sadist. He is very slowly torturing all the pee-cee companies out there. Every few months he releases something new that sends them into a new round of pain. It doesn’t kill them, just more pain in a different place than before.

    Apple’s sales and financials are increasing at wonderful rates — no need to get greedy at this point. Sure and steady wins the race.

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