Digit: ‘Microsoft’s Windows Vista may be the best reason yet to buy an Apple Mac’

“Unless you’ve recently emerged from a coma, you know the consumer versions of Microsoft’s new Vista operating system ship Tuesday. Over the next few weeks, many people will try to convince you to move to Windows Vista, from design friends to product and software makers,” Mike Elgan blogs for Digit Magazine.

“This column is not a review of Windows Vista. I’m not here to tell you about Vista or what’s wrong with it,” Elgan writes. “This article is for those of you who are about to download or purchase Windows Vista and install it on a PC. I’m here to talk you out of it. Just say no to Windows Vista — for now. Here’s why.”

1. Vista is incomplete
2. Vista is expensive
3. Vista wants a new PC
4. Vista is time-consuming
5. Windows XP isn’t obsolete
6. Vista may be the best reason yet to buy a Mac

Elgan writes, “Under what circumstances should you “switch” to a Mac? Apple fans will tell you that the answer is obvious: If you want your system to crash less, run with fewer hassles and fewer security breaches, then buy a Mac. But that’s the Mac user’s world view.”

Elgan writes, “If you’re looking to make that decision from the PC users world view, here’s a more practical checklist.”

MacDailyNews Take: Elgan’s following checklist is obliterated by Apple Mac’s ability to run Windows via Apple’s Boot Camp and/or virtualization such as those offered by Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMWare Fusion.

Elgan writes: Consider switching to a Mac if:
• You’re not into PC gaming.
• You don’t have any Windows-only applications you’d still like to run without emulation.
• You don’t have major PC hardware investment — such as expensive flat-screen LCD displays — to take advantage of.
• You don’t have non-Mac applications that are required by your employer for working at home.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, all of Elgan’s four points above are meaningless in the face of Apple Mac’s ability to run Windows natively and/or via virtualization. All Apple Mac models allow for you to run “expensive flat-screen LCD displays” you might already own. So, get a Mac.

Elgan’s full article is here.

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  1. Uh, as to point #3 above, I just bought a new HD flat panel TV with HDMI inputs (for my living room, not as a monitor). Just for kicks, I hooked my PowerBook up to it’s VGA input, and it worked just fine; then I hooked the DVI out to the HDMI input of the TV and that worked great too (and looked simply amazing).

    Yeah, _real_ big problems getting my Macs to work with LCD screens….


  2. I think it’s really weird that this technology writer does not know that any display can be hooked up to a Mac. He must think that the iMac is the only Mac out there. While I don’t think this is worth of a cultist jihad against the writer, it does disappoint me that yet another article about the Mac has incorrect information in it.

  3. Hey, MDN, not everyone can figure out or knows about BootCamp. It seems easy to a lot of people because they’re used to playing with computers and seeing how they work. But, some people do just use them for word or some specific program – lighten up already!

  4. > Unless you’ve recently emerged from a coma, you know the consumer versions of Microsoft’s new Vista operating system ship Tuesday.

    Actually, I don’t think that many Windows or Mac users know this. Mac users that do know this, probably don’t care. Windows users that do know this, probably don’t care either, because most of them don’t upgrade their OS (they use whatever comes with the PC until they get a new PC).

  5. “• You don’t have major PC hardware investment — such as expensive flat-screen LCD displays — to take advantage of.”

    This is 100% VALID. For those windows users that have a machine with power greater then or equal to an iMac and have their own LCD monitor have no good Apple Mac option. Mac mini is too weak, and a Mac Pro is almost definetly OVERKILL. And you are paying for a display with an iMac that they certainly do not need.

    This is a Large market for Apple, and they are leaving it out. Apple needs a powerful stand alone machine. Basicly an iMac without the display. or a Mac Mini Pro.

    Many of my friends that are Windows users and have a machine more powerful then a mac mini have a nice LCD monitor already and they definetly wont be spending 2k on a Mac pro.

    to close, this point is !00% valid.

  6. “You don’t have major PC hardware investment — such as expensive flat-screen LCD displays — to take advantage of.”


    In trying to dispel FUD, this guy actually propagates some of the worst of it!

  7. Sorry, but MDNs take ignores the obvious again.

    Macs are no good for gaming period. iMacs have a low end graphics card and it can’t be replaced; Mac Pros have two choices and neither is the best for gaming considering the cost of the computer. So, if you want gaming buy a PC.

    Some programs don’t run well using Parallels. Boot Camp is your only option. And running Boot Camp is expensive. Add at least $400 or more to the cost of your Mac for a Windows license, Parallels license, and extra RAM for it work properly.

    A number of PC owners probably already own expensive LCD monitors. They would have to sell those at a loss to get an all-in-one iMac or use them with a low end mini. A mini might not be robust enough for some users.

    Apple doesn’t have a diverse enough product line to meet everyone’s needs. A mid range tower would help.

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