Apple UK posts six new ‘Get a Mac’ TV ads featuring Mitchell and Webb

Apple UK has posted six new “Get a Mac” TV ads featuring David Mitchell and Robert Webb from Channel 4’s ‘Peep Show‘ series.

David Mitchell is the “PC” in Apple UK’s “Get a Mac” campaign. Robert Webb is the “Mac.”

The ad titles:
• Office at Home
• Restarting
• Virus
• Trust Mac
• Tentacle
• Pie Chart

See the new ads here:

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  1. Extremely good. Better than the North American ones, even if they cover much of the same ground. The Mac in these versions doesn’t come off quite as smarmy as Justin Long, maybe the Brits have taken viewers opinions to heart…

    Now, let’s have a North American PC vs. British PC smackdown ad. That would be really fun!

    MDN word = truth. What more to say?

  2. The only difference between the two is that in the UK version, the actors are more evenly matched in terms of acting ability and charisma. In the US, John Hodgman outclasses Justin Long.

    Been a fan of Mitchell and Webb thanks to their clips on YouTube.

  3. ‘Office at Home’ kinda reinforces the myth that Macs are no good for business. No way – I use my Powerbook everyday for all kind of stuff and people still say to me “You got a Mac – does that work for business?” Apart from MS Office interoperability, when they see my Omnigraffle graphics versus Visio they’re blown away…

  4. Advertising

    These ads are aimed at real people, advertising to IT, the business world, is completely different and is approached differently. IT buyers have different agendas, not all of them altruistic.

    Think of the lack of advertised office functionality as a trojan horse, people using Macs at home take their experiences to work with them. Also pictures and movies are featuring more and more in the business world, Microsoft won round one with Plowerpoint, now it’s Apple’s turn with iPhoto and iMovie.

  5. I think the US versions have a slight edge, but there’s not much in it – I’m a Brit by the way.

    The one thing that annoys me about all these ads. (U.S. and U.K.) is that they will give the computer-ignorant viewers – and that’ll be the majority – the vague impression that Macs are incapable of handling business or office-type applications.

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