BBC to conduct ‘Battle of the Operating Systems’ – Linux vs. Mac OS X vs. Windows Vista

“As part of our launch coverage we are looking for a committed Vista user – you are probably someone who has been trialling Vista in beta or using it for your business – as well as a passionate Mac OS X user and a devotee of Linux,” The BBC writes.

The Beeb writes, “We will select three of you to go head-to-head-to-head on the subject of your favourite operating system and will be contacting you with further instructions – so don’t forget to include your e-mail address in the form below.”

MacDailyNews Note: The Beeb has received many entries and have now closed their call for submissions.

Some responses:

I used Ubuntu alongside Windows for a few months before realising it’s the best thing to happen in computing in the past 10 years. Ubuntu is sleak, free, has open source alternatives to virtually anything you can imagine, and is backed up by an amazing community. – Dan Baker, Hereford, England

I moved to Mac about three years ago. I do however have two regrets. Firstly I wished I had gone sooner and secondly I am still forced to use windows at work. You hear of loads of people moving from windows to mac you never hear of people going the other way. I wonder why? – Phil, Milton Keynes

Windows wins hands down – Games, Hardware support, Ease-of-use, backward compatibility, where do I end. I have been using Windows 95, 98, XP and Vista RC1. Never had any problems. No Viruses. No Spyware. No Hacks. Intelligent internet use and some common sense is all you need to stop virus infections. Why would I move to MAC or Linux and lose my massive library of games. Windows Rocks. January 30 and I am waiting to be Wowed. Oh and Apple is going to charge extra to use their 802.11n, Haha. It sucks when you are stuck with that kind of arrogant attitude from your beloved computer manufacturer. – Kunal, Melbourne, Australia

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gandalf” for the heads up.]

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  1. The defensive attitude comes through, loud and clear.

    When I envision that Windows writer pounding out his diatribe, the only windows in that room are on the computer. Dark, and sub-level. Litter, and foul smells all about. An image of Nedry in Jurassic Park, perhaps.

    Sad throwback.

  2. Please– this is going to end up like a local newscast interview with JimBob who dun’ swore a big light came from outta’ da’ sky and swallered up his cow. It’s a spectacle– they’re looking to drum up readership. The guys they chose are unlikely to be really representative of anything, or entirely sincere and thoughtful. The twelve year old (even if he is 33) with the games is not the same sort of user as a Mac or Linux user to start with.

    When someone uses the term “Rocks!” in an assessment of anything except a landslide, think JimBob– even if they have all their own teeth.

  3. The only downside of being a Mac switcher is that I still have to use Windows at work. My life is now a rollercoaster of glorious highs and depressing lows. I was sick of windows before I switched, I actively hate it now.

  4. @JadisOne

    All that Windows person seems to be concerned with is games. Isn’t that what a game console is for? I prefer to do real work on my Macs.

    I’m with you… Unfortunately, we are constantly hearing from the gamers, (or as they prefer to be called, “Power Users”)…

    They’re entire purpose of owning a computer is to play games all day…

  5. On one article at a windows user touted right click as the killer feature of Windows. Even if OS X couldn’t offer that, either through a keyboard control of by an appropriate mouse, it’s still a bit sad that right click would be deemed by anyone to be one of the best features of an OS. It’s good but better than everything else? That doesn’t make any sense, even based on windows alone.

  6. “No Viruses. No Spyware. No Hacks. Intelligent internet use and some common sense is all you need to stop virus infections.”

    Yes the Windows Fanboy story on this site is just a Lie. Because you can prevent viruses but spyware No. The spyware gets in your computer automatic everyday. Then you must run Ad-Aware to remove it. So he is just total lying on Spyware part. Bye

  7. “That’s because “Power User” sounds better than “Unemployed Welfare Recipient”

    Uh-oh, here we go. Not only do we have to debate OS’s but now politics has been brought into this thread.

    ‘Always Right’ to start his pussy whining in 3..2..1…

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