Toshiba expects Apple iPhone-driven surge in NAND flash memory demand

“Japan’s Toshiba said on Wednesday it will match rival Samsung Electronics’ March launch of the industry’s first 2-gigabyte NAND flash chip by mass-producing a chip with as much storage a month later,” Reuters reports. “Toshiba, the world’s second-largest NAND chip maker after Samsung, is eyeing an expected surge in demand propelled by Apple’s music-playing iPhone, analysts said.”

Reuters reports., “The iPhone–which will come with 4 or 8 gigabytes of NAND–has fueled hope among flash memory makers weary of price falls eating away at profit margins, said Mizuho Investors Securities analyst Yuichi Ishida. ‘The iPhone is testament that price falls are giving birth to new applications and new NAND demand,’ Ishida said.”

Reuters reports., “Toshiba, which aims to take a combined 40 percent market share with partner SanDisk by 2008, will begin by shipping samples of its 2-gigabyte chips in March, using 56-nanometre process technology, and plans monthly shipments of 300,000 chips from April.”

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  1. Thus far, teaming with Cingular and its current BETA specifications offer not compelling reason to abandon my current cell provider. Currently I have EDVO and am able to tether that with my MacBook Pro. The iPhone offers an awful cell provider and no EDVO but rather, a very slow Edge technology. The iPhone has to be more than pretty upon its release.

    Otherwise, I will stick with my Treo as it offers much needed functionality. Despite the fact it is as ugly as sin compared to iPhone. Still, under the hood it provides the basic needed functions I demand…such as EDVO, Storage, and coordinates with my MacBook Pro for Internet connectivity.


  2. hey georgee poo,

    thanks for the feedback. you are a totally kewl dude.

    @David M

    I wasn’t aware of a SD memory limit. Definitely and interesting fact. I would imagine this limit is across the board for all the treo’s? Do you know if this is true?

  3. wow george…apparently you care enough to write about it. where did that come from?

    anyway, I’m not sure I understand why the iPhone would increase demand for flash? It isn’t expandable. Why would it create a “surge” of demand???

    MDN, what’s your take?

  4. For sure David, I feel the same way about my Treo 650. I wasn’t going to get an iPhone due to the fact that something like iChat was missing, but later caught Steve in an interview saying there’s no reason it shouldn’t be there by June. And the Treo can accept a larger sized memory stick….IF it has a firmware update….don’t know if those exists thou

  5. Hopefully there is an iPhone nano coming out. The iPhone looks great and all but many of us don’t have the need to have internet access on our phone. A smaller version with a great phone application would suit me just fine. Heck, it could even have mechanical buttons. I just want a good phone that has a great address book which no one has at this point. It’s nice to have all the bells and whistles but at the end of the day all I want is a cell phone interface that is easy to use. I have owned many cell phones over the year and I have yet to find a good one. So, Apple please bring one out.

  6. I can’t imagine Apple has not considered all these issues we have brought up in various forums. After all, they are a business and do have an elite crew of design and business experts. Truly, there must be a viable reason the first generation iPhone ‘MAY’ lack our desired options. You never know, the when it is actually released in June, we may be surprised! I can’t imagine that Apple staff do not crawl through the web and not take note of what there customers expect and want. After all, they are a business and desire success.

    It would be nice if Apple does in the future offer various flavors of the iPhone that target the basic end and savy end user as well as the high end business user too.

    Correct me if I am wrong, Steve did say that eventually 3G would be available on this phone? If so, there is indeed hope!

    Does anyone know if the phone while using the wifi feature will allow you to tether with another wifi device such as a Macbook Pro for wifi access?

  7. Hey George,

    go play in traffic you ass.

    As far as complaints about memory size, I don’t really understand why people need to carry around so much stuff. 2 movies, 200 hundred photos, and 1000 songs = 1.5GB + 250MB + 4GB = 5.8 GB

    I mean how many songs do you need to listen to in a week?

  8. Toshiba is spot on with there expectations. I have little doubt left, even the apparent cooling after the initial announcement, and of course the incredible load of naysayers, that the iPhone is going to be yet another iPod phenomenon – at least. In reality, my guess is that Toshiba is still slightly underestimating the demand there will really be for the iPhone.

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