CNET Reviews Windows Vista: Is that all? Clunky and not very intuitive vs. Mac OS X; warmed-over XP

“Windows Vista is Microsoft’s first new operating system in more than five years and the successor to Windows XP. However, it is not worth rushing out to purchase,” Robert Vamosi reports for CNET Reviews.

Vamosi reports, “Windows Vista is not the Apple Mac OS X 10.4 killer one hoped for (or feared).”

“Perhaps we’re spoiled, but after more than five years of development, there’s a definite ‘Is that all?’ feeling about Windows Vista. Like cramming an info-dump into a book report the night before it’s due, there certainly are a lot of individual features within the operating system, but the real value lies in their execution–how the user experiences (or doesn’t experience) these–and like the info-dump, we came away shaking our heads, disappointed,” Vamosi reports.

Vamosi reports, “Compared with Mac OS X 10.4, Windows Vista feels clunky and not very intuitive, almost as though it’s still based on DOS (or at least the internal logic that made up DOS). Despite the addition of a system-wide, built-in search, and various efforts to break away from staidly old directory trees, you still need to drill down one level to even access the search.”

“And there are far too many dependencies on Microsoft products; this is not a very objective operating system, as preference is always given to Microsoft products (of which there are many), from MSN search to RSS feeds only from Internet Explorer. But is Windows Vista a bad operating system? No. It’s just a disappointment for PC users who hoped that Microsoft would deliver something truly exciting to finally leapfrog ahead of Apple. They failed. But stick around; this is just Windows Vista 1.0. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is due out sometime before the end of the year. Windows Vista SP1 promises to fix what’s known to be wrong within Windows Vista and should offer a few concrete reasons to switch,” Vamosi reports.

Vamosi reports, “The bottom line: Windows Vista is essentially warmed-over Windows XP. If you’re currently happy with Windows XP SP2, we see no compelling reason to upgrade. On the other hand, if you need a new computer right now, Windows Vista is stable enough for everyday use.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “NeverFade” for the heads up.]
“Is that all?” Wow, CNET’s Vamosi better duck as the chairs won’t just be flying from Redmond’s direction, but from CNET’s ad sales department, too. Of course, maybe he’ll be spared as he did stop short of providing the real solution. That’s okay, we’ll do it.

For our Google News visitors attracted by the “Vista” in the headline, here is the real bottom line, totally unaffected by Microsoft ad dollars:

Are you really going to “stick around” waiting for Windows Vista Service Pack 1? Or keep running the ancient XP? Come on already! Microsoft equals unfulfilled promises, derivative thinking, and sloppy execution. If you need a new computer right now, you owe it to yourself to buy an Apple Mac. Take Microsoft’s Windows Vista Chief Allchin’s advice from his now infamous 2004 email in which he wrote that he’d buy a Mac if he didn’t work for Microsoft. You probably don’t work for Microsoft, so nothing’s stopping you. Good God, hop off that mule and take the thoroughbred instead!

Along with Mac OS X, run Windows on your Mac if you must, but it’s time to stop shortchanging yourself. Seriously, are you going to wait a year for a Microsoft Service Pack for a “warmed-over Windows XP” or waste your money on an OS-limited Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, or some other dime-a-dozen box assembler’s PC in order to run an OS that “feels clunky and not very intuitive” compared to Apple’s soon-to-be-two-years-old Mac OS X Tiger? For what reason?

Find out about the innovative, secure, elegant, and intuitive Mac OS X Tiger here and take a sneak peek at the real future (coming Spring 2007), Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard  here.

Macintosh. Because life’s too short.

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  1. Wait for the Service pack!!!!!


    that is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

    Vista is basically Win98 service pack16 & as I near life long windows guy, it still sux and nothign’s change. Get the junk out the door, and psend years fixing the worse broken parts with SP’s.

    OMG. This is stunning and yet why would anyone be surprised?

  2. Former Mac User:

    Not that I want to be one to flame you for your choice, but I would point out that changing your preferred OS simply on forum rants is a disturbing way of doing it.

    1. I assume you had no mission critical apps such as photoshop that kept you tied to Mac OS.
    2. You have money to burn
    3. you have nothing more important in your life than trolling forums

    Come on, there must have been more to it than you suggest

  3. Why does CNET’s numberic rating and tag line seem wrong? That is because it is.
    If you click on the little numeric rating icon of 7.8 you get the following explanation

    8.0 to 8.9 (Excellent):
    A product that receives a rating in this range is superior in so many ways that its relatively few drawbacks are not very important.

    7.0 to 7.9 (Very good):
    While the strengths of a product scoring in this range certainly outweigh its weaknesses, it has some minor faults that certain users should be aware of.

    But if you go the COMPARE tab and click on the link Editors’ Ratings Explained you get the following:

    8.0 to 8.9 (Very good):
    A product that receives a rating in this range is superior in so many ways that its relatively few drawbacks are not very important.

    7.0 to 7.9 (Good):
    While the strengths of a product scoring in this range certainly outweigh its weaknesses, it has some faults that certain users should be aware of.

    GOOD seems to be the proper description for Vista.

    Come on CNET! I thought grade inflation was dead.

  4. Former Mac User:

    The one thing I can’t believe is that you would switch to Windows and yet still visit macdailynews. My guess is that you didn’t really switch willingly, more like your company “forced” you to switch because they gave you that laptop for free.

    And if you did switch because you got tired of the Mac and its users, then it is truly a sad day and I for one am sorry to see you go.

    Hopefully one day you’ll come back and join us. We need all the marketshare we can get.

  5. But stick around; this is just Windows Vista 1.0. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is due out sometime before the end of the year. Windows Vista SP1 promises to fix what’s known to be wrong within Windows Vista and should offer a few concrete reasons to switch

    Mmm-hmm, sure. And this year the Cubs will finally win the series. Stick around! (Apologies to Cubs fans for comparing their team to Microsoft.)

  6. Former Mac User:

    Really? You switched to Windows because of your stereotypical perceptions of Mac users at MDN. I would have thought an informed and erudite Microsoft apologist would use better logic than that to change operating systems. I laugh at you.

  7. Former Mac User,
    Have fun!!! And think of me every time it crashes or you have to reinstall the OS. Also, think of me every time you have to click “OK” for Vista’s craptacular User Access Controls.

    Microsucks…..Your Problem, Our Software.

  8. DogGone,
    I have thought the same thing many times.

    and, Trollin’,
    OS 9 was a fair competitor for XP. The first argument against me would be about protected memory and I would call “BS”. XP has crashed because of an application crash many times on me!

    I would take OS 9 any day over XP!

  9. perhaps you had an OS9 based powerbook and XP seemed to be the future?

    AlBook G4/1.67

    1. I assume you had no mission critical apps such as photoshop that kept you tied to Mac OS.

    Actually I have Photoshop CS2 in my Inspiron, running on a Core2 processor, and not running in a Rosetta emulator. Seems to me you can’t even buy Photoshop for an Intel Mac right now. So don’t try to tell me about “mission critical”.

    <i>2. You have money to burn

    I paid $938 for my Inspiron with an HDTV tuner. An identically equipped (minus a built-in camera) MacBook Pro came in at roughly $2,300 with no TV tuner.

    3. you have nothing more important in your life than trolling forums

    Actually I still have a DP 1.42GHz PowerMac G4. So if I understand correctly, since I’m now a Windows user, I’m not allowed to read and participate in Mac forums. Correct?

    Come on, there must have been more to it than you suggest

    Yep. Apple switched from PowerPC to Intel processors. I can buy PC hardware identically spec’d to Apple hardware for half the price. And enjoy a portfolio of (current, like PS CS2) software that Mac users only dream of having.

    What you guys don’t get is that the platform is immaterial. It’s the apps.

  10. Former Mac User is a disappointment. Where’s the zing? I don’t know if I can save it, but here goes…

    I can’t wait to get my free upgrade to Vista on my recently purchased Dell Inspiron. It’s gonna be awesome! At work one of the guys in the graphics department brought his PowerBook in and it was a piece of crap. The IT guys and I just laughed. Hey graphics queer, your mouse only has one button. Loser. Do all of you Apple lemmings pay more to get less? Would it kill the tightwads in Cupertino to add another button to a mouse? Wake up Mac heads!

    We’ve been running Vista at work to test our apps and hardware at work, and I brought one of the laptops home to test it and Windows Media Center with my USB HDTV tuner and sound system hardware. Did I mention Windows Media Center? Windows Media Center! It worked flawlessly. Read it and weep Apple losers, that’s a little thing called plug-and-play–and Vista has it in spades. That’s the thing about Microsoft: Their stuff just works. With Apple you have to buy their overpriced crap and pray that the system can work with it. What a nightmare.

    I knew a Mac user 10 years ago. He was always going off on the same anti-Microsoft rants I read on this forum. All I can say is you Apple lemmings are delusional. Stick with a winner. Get Vista.

    Your potential. Our passion.

  11. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”big surprise” style=”border:0;” />
    Oh my, and this is not just any version of Vista, he is talking about the ULTIMATE version. So it CAN be worse for the other (less capable) versions.

    And his best hope is for a SERVICE PACK !!!


    Really…Choosing Windows now really seems like a mental illness (apologies to the people who HAVE to use it, either because someone else at work makes the decision or some software is not available on the Mac…)

    On the other hand.. if this turns out to be similar to the Copeland disaster, then M$ just might do the unthinkable……BUY themselves something really good and let Windows die….

    Magic word..plan…MS NEEDS a NEW Business PLAN….badly…..

  12. People who will buy new pcs with come with Low featured version of vista that is Basic version without the so called feature Aero effect and many features missing LOL. They will have to buy the Full Version Ultimate edition separetely for $399 retail or Ultimate OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for $199. Vista can be Run Good on old machines with least P4 3.0GHZ cpu with 1Gb ram, 256Mb video card without buying new pc. But most people will buy new pc because they dont know how to change internal parts by themselves.

    Windows Vista still has Malmare that is Spyware. If you were thinking why they picked the Name Vista. I will say Vista stand for Viruses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans, Adaware. Just because it has Malware still. Which i doubt will never go away. And most windows users are not smart and some are who can manage to prevent viruses by having freeware anti-virus like AVG with firewall on without having to spend a dime on pc by going to the store. If people cant manage windows machine. I usually suggest people move to Mac Os X Tiger now. Bye

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