AP retracts: Holiday Mac sales not a ‘thorn in Apple’s side’

The Associated Press has published a “clarification” regarding Apple Mac sales:

The headline of a Jan. 22 Associated Press story about Apple Inc.’s computer sales may have overstated a trend with the phrase “thorn in Apple’s side.” While shipments of 1.6 million Macintosh computers in the fiscal first quarter disappointed some Wall Street analysts, Apple said these sales exceeded its own expectations. Computers still represent a major source of revenue for Apple, even as the company moves to broaden its offerings of other consumer electronics products, the story reported.

AP’s clarification is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jings” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Good to see, even if the damage is rarely, if ever, completely undone with a retraction days later. Apple sold 3.216 million Macs in the last two calendar quarters of 2006 or nearly as many Macs as they sold in all of fiscal 2004 (3.290 million).

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s recent earnings and unit sales information:

• Q1 (ended 12/27/03): revenue of $2.006 billion, net quarterly profit of $63 million, 829,000 Macs, 733,000 iPods
• Q2 (ended 03/27/04): revenue of $1.909 billion, net quarterly profit of $14 million, 749,000 Macs, 807,000 iPods
• Q3 (ended 06/26/04): revenue of $2.014 billion, net quarterly profit of $61 million, 876,000 Macs, 860,000 iPods
• Q4 (ended 09/25/04): revenue of $2.350 billion, net quarterly profit of $106 million, 836,000 Macs, 02.016 million iPods

• Q1 (ended 12/25/04): revenue of $3.49 billion, net quarterly profit of $295 million, 1.046 million Macs, 04.580 million iPods
• Q2 (ended 03/26/05): revenue of $3.24 billion, net quarterly profit of $290 million, 1.070 million Macs, 05.311 million iPods
• Q3 (ended 07/13/05): revenue of $3.52 billion, net quarterly profit of $320 million, 1.182 million Macs, 06.155 million iPods
• Q4 (ended 10/11/05): revenue of $3.68 billion, net quarterly profit of $430 million, 1.236 million Macs, 06.451 million iPods

• Q1 (ended 12/31/05): revenue of $5.75 billion, net quarterly profit of $565 million, 1.254 million Macs, 14.043 million iPods
• Q2 (ended 04/01/06): revenue of $4.36 billion, net quarterly profit of $410 million, 1.112 million Macs, 08.526 million iPods
• Q3 (ended 07/01/06): revenue of $4.37 billion, net quarterly profit of $472 million, 1.327 million Macs, 08.111 million iPods
• Q4 (ended 09/30/06): revenue of $4.84 billion, net quarterly profit of $546 million, 1.610 million Macs, 08.729 million iPods

• Q1 (ended 12/30/06): revenue of $7.10 billion, net quarterly profit of $1 billion, 1.606 million Macs, 21.066 million iPods

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  1. I think the numbers are not fully representative of demand yet– but once Photoshop is released, there will be far more mac pro sales. I have six new macbooks in my class this semester. They’re all over campus now. Trend continues upward.

  2. Very happy to see the growth in Mac shipments over the last several years. Unfortunately, Q1 06 is the first time Mac shipments were slightly down over the previous September quarter. No cause for alarm as 1.6 million sales is very healthy. However, I think that Wall Street and some analysts were expecting stronger numbers based on a number of factors….

    1. iPod halo effect.
    2. Whole Mac line-up is now on Intel.
    3. Macbook, MacBook Pro and iMac are all on Rev 2.0 (for those who won’t buy Rev 1.0’s)
    4. Strong “Get a Mac” televsion campaign.

    Last year sales were only slightly up for Q1 over the prior Q4. But last year relatively flat sales were to be expected due to the aging iBook and powerbook lines and the fact that most people knew the first Intel Macs were right around the quarter.. This year the conditions were much more favorable for stronger sales.

  3. And, with all that… Mac drops into 5th place in market share domestically (5% or so) and half that world wide.

    Something is not working. But wait, Lord Jobs says, “boom, it just works”.

    Maybe, in spite of MDN and most of the posters around here wanting it to be so, he is not fooling very many.

  4. I don’t understand why everyone loves Apple so much. Mac users accuse Microsoft of producing bloatware, however Vista only uses 50 million lines of code, while OS X.4 uses 83 million. It took Apple months to “convert” to Intel chips from PPC. However, most other computer companies have been making machines that run both Intel and AMD chips for years, and the Windows OS has worked identically on both of them.

    Yes Microsoft has taken far too long to upgrade its OS. However, XP was designed around the same year as OS X.0. We must remember that all-winderful Apple did not have even a functional OS until OS X.2, which is full of bugs itself.

    Is OS X virus-free? Yes. However, it is still affected easily by Trojans, Hackers, and crappy software. Besides, at 33 extra million lines of code (enough to be a second OS) we would hope it had SOME advantage.

    Do I love Microsoft? No . . . I hate them too. I have always been a Linux user. However, Apple is just as bad as them. Is their new iPhone nice? Yes . . . at $500 it should do my taxes for me. Yes it’s an iPod and a phone . . . but the iPod nanos are far overpriced. And now they want to make people PAY for Bootcamp . . . just to run windows???!!! It’s a cult following . . . it doesn’t matter what they do, people will keep buying their overpriced products.

  5. Mike K. said:

    “1. iPod halo effect.”

    The iPod halo effect has always been open to interpretation (though most of the posters in this forum, including me, believe in it).

    However, just wait for the “iPhone Halo Effect”. I predict that will be definite and huge. People will not just be exposed to a nice Apple product. They will be exposed to OSX!!

    When they start to use OSX, even in the somewhat limited form on the iPhone, they will want MORE MORE MORE.

  6. I hate Apple!!, Intel and AMD both use the X86 architecture though. Switching from AMD to Intel is more akin to switching from Dell to HP – they’re essentially the same. PPC to intel is more like switching from electricity to gas or diesel to petrol, or vice versa.

  7. The very slight slowdown in Mac sales is, I believe, almost entirely due to the fact that most of us in the Mac community are waiting for Leopard. I certainly am.

    Who is going to buy now, when in a few short months you’re going to get a much better OS, with many new features, free of charge!?

    The fact that sales are holding up so well is, for me, a sign that there are an amazing of people out there buying Macs for the first time, because most of those with Macs are waiting.

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