Research in Motion downgraded due to Apple iPhone competition

“Research in Motion was downgraded to a hold from a buy rating Tuesday morning by Needham & Co. In a note to clients, analyst John Lynch cited the introduction of the iPhone from Apple Inc. as a ‘potential game changer’ that tempers his expectations for RIM’s consumer market,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“‘…We do think the iPhone has the potential to impinge on RIM’s Pearl-led push into the consumer space,’ Lynch wrote,” Gallagher reports.

Full article here.

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  1. But it doesn’t even have a keyboard; it can’t possibly succeed! Plus, the battery life is only long enough to make one phone call, the interface is deliberately confusing, it costs 10x as much as smartphones with equal or better features, and its data transfer is the slowest out of any smart phone available! And, it’s a total blatant rip-off of that LG phone, so between LG and Cisco the iPhone will soon be legislated out of existence! Now, excuse me while I go order some more chairs.

  2. The Blackberry Pearl is brand new and looks dated compared to iPhone. I think iPhone is a bargain at $499 and $599 for what it is and does. I paid $500 for my RAZR when they first came out and it isn’t even in the same league as iPhone.

  3. What if, big if, Nokia died ’cause of Apple. Would Multi-Touch be hanged, shot or poisoned, after being found guilty of crimes against humanity (killing all Nokia phones)?

    Just my 0.1 cents 😀

  4. “The Blackberry Pearl is brand new and looks dated compared to iPhone. “

    The Pearl is ugly but it is smaller than the iPhone, almost half the weight of the iPhone, is usable single handed, does more, costs a third of the price and is available today.

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