Apple granted 9 US patents for telephony, iPod UI, glass staircase, and more

“On January 23, the US Patent & Trademark Office published nine of Apple’s newly granted patents. This patent report briefly covers all nine patents which present inventions ranging from a telephone conferencing application to a peek at one aspect of Apple’s iPod UI, and believe it or not, to a patent which covers Apple’s famous glass staircase which is located in its Fifth Avenue Store in Manhattan. For the record, Steve Jobs is actually listed as one of the inventors of this unique staircase,” neo reports for MacNN.

neo details the patents in his full article here.


  1. montex said: “I wonder if Bill Gates has invented any patented ideas… Anyone know?”

    I don’t know about patents but he has copyrighted a new pronunciation of the word “copy”. He pronounces it as “innovate”

  2. Montex, Google Patent Search tells me that William H. Gates III is listed as an inventor on only this patent:

    Method and system for processing fields in a document processor
    Patent number: 5552982
    Filing date: Feb 28, 1994
    Issue date: Sep 3, 1996
    Inventors: Peter C. Jackson, William H. Gates, III, Bryan Loofbourrow
    Assignee: Microsoft Corporation

    Steve Jobs, in contrast, is listed as Inventor on 54 different Apple patents.;_epq=&as;_oq=&as;_eq=&as;_pnum=&as;_vt=&as_pinvent=jobs&as_pasgnee=apple&as;_pusc=&as;_pintlc=&as_drrb_is=q&as_minm_is=1&as_miny_is=2007&as_maxm_is=1&as_maxy_is=2007&as_drrb_ap=q&as_minm_ap=1&as_miny_ap=2007&as_maxm_ap=1&as_maxy_ap=2007

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