NPD: Apple iPod held 72% share of PMP market in December; Microsoft Zune had 2.8% share

“Apple Inc. sold a record 21 million iPods for the holiday quarter, which helped boost the company’s revenues by 50% and accounted for sales of $3.43 billion–half of Apple’s total sales for the quarter, the company reported this week,” Emily Burg reports in an updated article for MediaPost’s MarketingDaily.

Burg reports, “Stellar sales have earned the iPod a 72% share of the portable music player market. Microsoft’s Zune, meanwhile, recorded 2.8% of the market for December, and 10.2% of all 30GB hard drive models sold, according to retail research firm NPD Group.”

A note at the bottom of Burg’s article states, “This article was modified after the original publication to correct the market share figures.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: It’s good to see Burg’s original article corrected. Note that NPD does not report sales from Apple Retail Stores, the Apple Store online, Wal-Mart, or Amazon, among others. Add those retail outlets’ sales into the mix and one could reasonably assume that Apple’s iPod share is actually quite a bit larger and the Zune’s share quite a bit lower than NPD’s figures of 72% and 2.8% respectively. Due to limited reporting, the actual NPD market share numbers aren’t nearly as important as the trends they show; Apple’s iPod share as measured by NPD is up 36.4% year-over-year.

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  1. These figures beg the question “how the hell did Monkeyboy think they captured 25%?”. I mean seriously, has he been on vacation to Krypton for the past few months or something? Delusions of grandeur still make you delusional. Wait for evolution into a man before speaking next time. Clearly intelligent thought is “over” his head.

  2. “how the hell did Monkeyboy think they captured 25%?”

    Well, first, you can always adjust statistics to fit your purview. Pick the vendors that sold the most Zunes and that’s your statistical set.

    My favorite, though, is that Zune had 10% of the 30GB hard-drive-based music players. Apple used to do this–the iPod had a very high percentage of the hard-disk player market before Apple had a flash-based music player. I agree that it wasn’t fair for Apple to be judged against the Flash market, since they didn’t have a competing player in that market. So I suppose it’s okay for Microsoft to narrow the field to 30GB hard-drive-based music players.

    But, at that point, they’re competing against the iPod, the Creative Zen Vision:M, and I think that’s about it (iRiver has discontinued it’s hard-drive-based players). So between the iPod and the Zen, there was only 10% that Microsoft could eke out? That’s pretty funny.

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