Those beholden to Microsoft are deeply concerned about Apple’s latest threat: iPhone

“Analysts beholden to Microsoft are deeply concerned about the threat posed by Apple’s troublesome new iPhone: it’s far too much money, does nothing new at all, it’s missing all kinds of essential features, and it’s doomed to fail even by such minor details as its name,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Eran writes, “Further, they are quick to point out, the iPhone is all just vaporware anyway. At least it is until June, at which time it is certain to whimper into an unappreciative market, just like Sculley’s 1994 Newton or Steve Job’s last bomb, the PowerMac G4 Cube.”

Eran writes, “Or, alternatively, the iPhone may storm the market like a plundering pirate fleet, killing off all competition and everything else we hold dear: 3G liberties, the freedom to write our own phone apps, and the desperate plight of developers, developers, developers. Oh the humanity!”

The iPhone has caused more reason to fear and doubt the uncertainty of Apple’s survival since the iPod,” Eran writes.

Full article, including Eran’s “Five Phases of Media Coverage” as they pertain to Apple and Microsoft, the Zune joke, Greenpeace, and much more here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. Please, MDN, stop posting this Roughly Drafted fanboy junk. It just makes this site look even more like a koolaid-drinking mac zealot-fest, destroying the last pretension of objectivity. It has been proven time and time again that Daniel Eran will stop at nothing, not specious arguments or even twisting facts or outright lies, to try and make Apple look good at the expense of Microsoft. One wonders just what Microsoft did to Eran in his childhood to cause this behaviour.

  2. Ha… the ‘plundering pirate fleet’ is now Mac, iPhone, iPod, AppleTV, Leopard, Xserve and a few more on the way…!

    Microfrot has Zune, Vista, Microfrot CE and XBox… more like a fleet of third world rustbuckets on their way to the knackers yard…

  3. RoughlyDrafted is incredibly insightful and well-researched, not to mention spot-on. Other than the statements containing obvious opinion, what examples do you have of twisted facts or outright lies? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  4. to Flannigan.

    While I believe MDN is not necessarily adverse to running Apple critical stories (and then destroying them with, oftentimes, sensible logic) the do tend to remove posts from those whose criticism is strongly supported by facts, logic, and reality.

    Steve Jobs is not a genius. He is a master huckster supported by very desirable and highly over-hyped and over-priced products.

    The iPhone sets a new level for all this and, until consumers start using it, the jury will be out on whether it transforms the world – as MDN has suggested.

  5. Roughly Drafted is quality analysis.

    He writes the way I feel.

    With so much regular negative FUD surrounding Apple and their products on the net it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone battling for our side. Anyone on here who says any different is obviously on the wrong site. Go and read Paul Thurrott’s bull or Dvorak’s drivel instead. You will read what you want to read on their sites.

    Bye Bye Windoh’s fanboys!!!

  6. >Dan Rather and the faked National Guard service memos.

    Doesn’t participation in this list require a minimum of 512Mb RAM?
    Our Mr. President faked National Guard service — and that’s a fact.
    But no, no one expects objectivity here at MDN — that’s why it’s so fun!

  7. Steve Jobs a ‘huckster’ hey?

    MDN ‘removes posts’ because they don’t fit. Really?

    iPhone not as good as EVERYONE who’s touched it has said?

    I smell T R O L L s

    If you believe the iPhone isn’t already a major hit, you are deluding yourselves.

  8. You know, just last night I was reading about how Roughly Drafted got booted from Digg, and how Dan Eran was a raving lunatic who would say and do anything to support his crazy paranoid notions.

    Now I’ve read one or two of his pieces, and I didn’t remember him sounding like a raving MacLoon. In fact, he sounded every bit as sane as, say, John Gruber. A fan, a writer who will use a little hyperbole now and again, but entertaining and informative. So I thought I’d see what I missed in my first random sample.

    So I went to his website, and I read five or six random pieces from the last 3 months.

    You know what? They were well-written, thorough, seemingly painstakingly researched, and (in my opinion, at least) very insightful. I’ve been using Macs since 1990 and there was stuff in there about the OS wars of the mid-to-late-90’s that I didn’t know. And I thought I was a fan.

    But what I didn’t see was raving lunacy, paranoia, invented facts, etc. Maybe it’s the cheesy graphics that turn people off (they certainly detract from the site overall) – but certainly they’re no more puerile than the ones used here on MDN, are they? They’re just more work to make. MDN just takes the worst pictures they can find, Daniel obviously enjoys Photoshop.

    Maybe someone can help me figure out why the guy is so maligned? I seem to be missing everyone’s point here.

  9. A lot of work went into that article: interesting, insightful and entertaining. But what really cracked me up was the pikkie of the doggie pooping on the zune. Which brings to mind…the mirror-reverse of “zune” spelling “anus” and Janus [pronounced “y’anus” in Copenhagen]. Perhaps the dog was making microsoft.

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