Apple TV beats out iPod, hits top spot on Apple Store sales chart

Apple Store“Apple’s $299 TV has raced to #1 on the Apple Store sales charts, beating out iPod, which has claimed the # 1 spot for much of the last few years. Despite some criticism, the new TV box, that plays iTMS content on TVs has found widespread initial acceptance,” Remy Davison reports for Insanely Great Mac.

More in the full article here.

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  1. @Tony: Widescreen requirement.

    You don’t necessarily have to have an 11:9 screen. your TV needs to be able able to recognize the 11:9 format. some of the higher end Sony Vega CRT’s are able to convert to 11:9 based on the signal input using component inputs from either a Progessive Scan DVD or Digital cable box.

  2. You all know what this means, don’t you?

    That’s right: iPod sales are tanking!

    Run for the hills! Run for the hills!
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  3. Sheridan: I’m with you one that one – rather wait for V2 is higher graphics performance.

    Still it’s good that Apple are getting a good response from the early adopters. After all they need all the money they can get since the only made $1B last quarter. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Anyone know if AppleTV renders it’s interface and iPhoto pictures at 1080i (1920×1080) or if it renders everything at 720p (1280×720) and then scales to alternative resolutions (1080i, 576p, 480p)?

    Because if it renders interface and photos in 1080i then I am going to order one, but if it renders at 720p and then scales I am not and will wait for v2.0

  5. My 8 year old Sony Wega tv has component in and also supports both 4:3 and 16:9. I haven’t ordered an AppleTV yet, but once they are avaiable at the retail store I’m sure that I will buy one. The reason? iTunes will be available on my tv along with the ability to pick my music. Right now, I have a Airport Express hooked up to a set of speakers – works great except I have to go my computer to change the music. The rest is gravy…or at least less important to me….for now.

  6. My girlfriends analog Sony CRT has the RGB inputs, which, BTW, are not the same as the yellow, red and white as someone said (I know most of you know this)

    I’m a little surprised it took off this well, also. Good for Apple. Now combine it with the Mini and make it a Maxi…..with wings!

  7. Me- “…AppleTV has so it is a mute point -..”
    I think that trying to point out certain people who cannot speak as part of your discussion is insensitive and profane. Giving them points is not going to help the situation either. Just because they can’t talk does not mean they can’t compete in the marketplace of free ideas and win ‘on their own’.

    I would say more but my comments would fall on deaf ears.

    oh- wait… I’m typing not speaking.. never mind,
    the point is moot.

  8. ok 7

    I had to mute iTunes and read that one twice…(I’m hard of hearing)At first, I was blind to the intent, but now I see what you said with your words, man. I hear ya!

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  9. Hywel: by “RGB” you mean “Component”.

    Component video is luminance, plus two color signals — been around since dawn of HDTV in USA. It is not Red, Green, Blue signals even though that’s the color of the RCA plugs.

    Scart is tv connector in Europe that has RGBS (seperate red, green, blue, sync) signal — this has been around since the mid-1980s.

    Yep, whilst USA was going nuts for ‘high quality’ s-video Europeans had RGB for years. 😮

  10. M.A.D.
    Burn it to DVD and watch it on your player. Its impossible to get every concoction of format to play on one deviice. Except mayby a laptop. I’ve retired my old G3 iBook to the lounge room, it plays virtualy everything via VLC. Yeah it’s not HD so what.

  11. FYI – The Apple TV “footprint” may seem like it is the same as a Mac mini, but it is actually about 1.5 inches wider. The new “n” Airport Basestation, however, is the same sized square as the Mac mini.

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