Apple TV beats out iPod, hits top spot on Apple Store sales chart

Apple Store“Apple’s $299 TV has raced to #1 on the Apple Store sales charts, beating out iPod, which has claimed the # 1 spot for much of the last few years. Despite some criticism, the new TV box, that plays iTMS content on TVs has found widespread initial acceptance,” Remy Davison reports for Insanely Great Mac.

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  1. I have two older, non-HD TVs with a yellow input and stereo sound. Guess I’m SOL, even though I’d happily buy two Apple TVs if they’d just work with my current equipment. I know the new TVs use that HDMI input, but has anyone seen a TV with that RGB input? Last time I saw that was on a Radius monitor in the early 90s.

  2. Tommy Boy – RGB is a common interface standard for getting VGA signal to a TV. The reality is that ALL HDTVs support one of the inputs AppleTV has so it is a mute point – your standard def won’t work with it anyway!

  3. tommy-boy,

    lots of HD tv’s have that RGB input…it’s called Component input…not to be confused with composite which is the yellow-red-white style.

    Most HD tv’s are now shipping with HDMI input but if you purchased a HD tv within the past 3 or 4 years chances are it has Component (RGB) input.

    Apple has covered all the bases…if you own an HD tv you can connect the AppleTV. Non-HD tv owners are SOL.

  4. Anybody know if these claims have been verified? It’s just very hard to believe that this device is very useful. Maybe it’s just Apple fanatics rushing in to buy up anything Steve Barnum Jobs puts on the shelf – without ever stopping to think about whether they will actually use it on any of the days following it’s initial installation.

  5. yeah that makes sense – it’s not actually people who want the product & know what it does, it’s just those dumb Apple fanatics at it again, handing over their hard earned $ to Steve Jobs, just because! you are an idiot.

    i doubt i am the only person so far to read this article that has a TV w/ HDMI input am i? come on, people… my Sharp Aquos 1080i 16:9 HD flat screen was around $1400… no big deal, & it has an incredibly good picture.

  6. >>> Old TV Owners <<<<

    Rejoice, Apple already offers something even better than Apple TV for old TV owners, MacMini.

    I’ve been using a MacMini to drive my 53″ RP Sony TV ever since the first G4 MacMini came out. Later, I bought an Intel mini and have no complaints. Apple sells an adaptor for $19 that will drive composite video or S-video from the MacMini.

    The MacMini is a complete computer not a feature deprived step child. You can surf the internet, check email and download TV shows and movies from Apple.

    Even my wife who is the worlds biggest techno phobe can use the mini. I have a matching 750GB external hard disk that sits under the mini and it has over 150 movies in it plus dozens of TV shows. It’s the server for my video iPod, that’s where I fill up when I’m heading out on a long road trip.

    We have the wireless keyboard and mouse in a drawer of our coffee table. The Apple remote works for most viewing needs.

    I record and produce content in the basement and shoot it across the network to the MacMini in the family room upstairs. It’s working great for me.

  7. Hey Deal or not:

    This does not surprise me at all. Welcome to the digital age. Very soon you will not see TV channels or rent movies again. With this gadget you can see the TV show or movie you like, whenever you like. iTunes Music, podcasts and photos at your living room coupled with the home theater is another great benefit. No more waiting for the show to begin.

    AppleTV and iTunes will soon be the distribution channel for all entertainment media. Except live shows (maybe).

    Think different.

  8. Don’t understand that. It’s a very limited product and there are other more versatile products on the market. I’ll bet that there are going to be a lot of disappointed people that buy Apple TV. It has some limited uses but for it to outsell ipods is crazy.

  9. @deal or no deal–How can you stand your own thoughts? “It’s just very hard to believe that this device is very useful.”

    “Believe” has got nothin’ to do with it, boy. It is, or it isn’t. Your lack of understanding does not negate the usefulness percieved by others.

    Did I use small enough words?

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