Steve Jobs worth $20 billion to Apple Inc.

“Apple Inc. may find its most valuable asset is something it can’t protect through patents or secrecy: Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Bloomberg.

Guglielmo reports, “If Jobs were to leave, shares of the Cupertino, California- based company might drop 25 percent or more, analysts say. That would erase about $20 billion in Apple’s market value. ‘It would be a disaster,’ said Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray & Cos. in Minneapolis, who’s had an ‘outperform’ rating on Apple’s shares since June 2004. ‘He would be almost impossible to replace.'”

“The computer maker’s dependence on its CEO was illustrated the last week of December, when the stock dropped as much as 5.8 percent after The Recorder, a San Francisco-based legal publication, reported Apple had faked documents to backdate stock options,” Guglielmo reports. “On Dec. 29, the company said its own investigation, led by Apple director and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, cleared Jobs of any wrongdoing. That eased concern Jobs may have to step down and sent the shares up 4.9 percent.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gandalf” for the heads up.]

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  1. Not even close philbaby… the Beckham deal was closed for 250 Million over a five-year period.

    Granted, his presence could be a financial boon for the team but I seriously doubt his economic impact over five years for LA will amount to more than a couple of billion, if that.

  2. When all is said and done, it is estimated Beckham will rake in 25 million a year. 10 million dollar salary, plus another 15 mil from jersey and ticket sales.

    Michelle Wie, the 17-year-old golfer on the LPGA, never having won a professional tournament racks in $20 million each year just for showing up!

  3. What? What? and What?!

    Listen, if Martha can run a multi-billion dollar corp. from prison, so can Steve. Martha committed a bona-fida white collar crime, no gray area there – it was insider trading period. She came back, her company is in decent shape, etc. etc.

    If Steve has to pay a fine, or even serve some time, it will still be up to him to continue to run Apple – give me a big break. These little snippets really hum of making sure that Apple does not succees – at all cost.

  4. G4Dualie, have you factored in the boon in revenue that US hair salons and barbers will receive due to the great unwashed having to have the latest Beckham haircut? In the last 10 years the British and, more recently, Spanish economies have been growing at a rate of between 1.7-2.9% y/y on such coiffeur craziness. In fact it’s what is keeping recession from our shores.

  5. Beckham is washed up. It will be interesting for a year assuming he doesn’t get sildelined with injuries (and that is a big assumption). Then, like Pele before him, Americans will continue to watch hockey, football, basketball, baseball and bay watch and ignore that sport the rest of the world rates ans number 1.

    Beckham with then either retire and become a hollywood actor, or the govenor of California.

  6. Watching the Keynote, you saw how close his team are; Jobs, Schiller, Ives and Cook. Even from a distance it looks a dream team I’d say.

    If he was fired:

    – the team would all join him within one week

    – Mango Inc. would be formed by them

    – Mango Inc. buys the assets of Apple Inc. for $1

    – Mango Inc. renamed Apple Inc.

    Stock price goes back to $125 within 3 months.

    And all is well with the world again.

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  7. Message to Steve Jobs:

    Please do the world a favor and buy an island right now. Set it up with satellite internet, and a comfortable, creative environment. That way, if some over-zealous prosecutor with his mind on seeing his name in the papers and on TV gets it in his head to use you as his vehicle, you can jump on your Gulf Stream, quietly slip outta Dodge and continue your great work beach-side.

  8. If SJ goes to jail – stock will drop 25% but if his sentence is 6 months and he comes back it will go up bymore than the drop.
    Its not like he cannotconducthis business from jail on his iPhone:) why do you you think he has built such a sophisticated iJail phone.
    “science” as in no rocket science

  9. I’ve been trying to make some sense of the political aspect of any federal prosecution, but it’s hard with me not living in California.

    Here in NY, Elliott spitzer earned a lot of political points going after “greedy” corporate leaders and investment houses on issues like price rigging, illegal after hours trading, and misleading analyst recomendations on stocks. All of these things actually hurt people (many small investors), or were clearly done for personal benefit on behalf of the perpurtrators. This is why there was public support for Spitzer, even in though he was going after NY companies.

    However, he was going after people who were fairly anonymous to the average person.

    With Apple though, would the prosecutor face a public backlash by taking down a company that (1) people like (even if Steve himself may be disliked and (2) employes a lot of people in the immediate vicinity and has generated a lot of local wealth. In addition, he would be hurting the people who suppolsedly been damaged (the shareholders).

    I’d like to hear the opinion of someone who lives in Silicon Valley and has a take on the local opinion, as that is part of what shapes a prosecutor’s decision to pursue a case. Just look at the Duke lacrosse case.

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