Report: Apple to license FairPlay DRM

“Apple plans to open up protected music and movies content bought from the iTunes Store,” Rob Mead reports for

Mead reports, “The iPod maker is expected to make two announcements this week – the first will be to allow streaming of protected AAC content via USB; the second will be to licence its Fairplay DRM to the company’s Made For iPod licencees.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Island Girl” for the heads up.]
If true, this will officially be a Big Deal™.


  1. @nukeman,

    The case is that Apple can now sell itself as the more open system whereas M$ becomes the closed system with Zune ( if any have actually been sold rather than given away).

    This should finally kill off “Played For Sure” and have all the soon-to-be-former M$ partners scrambling to jump on the Made For iPod bandwagon.

    The iPod universe then becomes the de-facto standard.

  2. Dimplemonkey,
    Chris is right; it’s just a rumor. However, if this rumor holds true, Apple will probably license the Fairplay DRM to other music player manufacturers. If they buy the license from Apple, they can market themselves as such. I think this is a way to protect themselves from being sued for anticompetitive monopolistic practices.

  3. my guess is that makers of stereo equipment may want to offer stationary, AAC-capable players that can be synchronised using iTunes. else, they may want to become friendly with manufacturers like SanDisk who have large capacities to produce flash memory. a third possibility is that makers of yet different devices, say digital cameras, want to include playback abilities. it may also take away the heat in some legal challenges. with MS screwing their partners over, some of the makers of wma-ready devices may have offered very favourable terms. the possibilities are indeed endless.

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