leads all computer hardware sites in visits

“Apple Computer Inc. in November 2006 continued to lead in the number of visits to computer hardware e-commerce sites, with 39.7 million visits, up 29% from 30.8 million in November 2005, according to Nielsen/NetRatings Inc.,” reports. reports, “Dell Inc. ranked second with 18 million visits, up 3% from 17.5 million in November 2005; followed by Hewlett Packard Co., 15.2 million, up 22% from 12.5 million; Sun Microsystems Inc., 3.8 million, up 46% from 2.6 million; Nintendo Co. Ltd., 3.5 million, up 218% from 1.1 million; IBM Corp., 2.1 million, down 36% from 3.3 million; Gateway Inc., 2 million, down 13% from 2.3 million; Sony Computer Entertainment, 1.7 million, down 15% from 2 million; Bose Corp., 1.7 million, down 6% from 1.8 million; and, 1.7 million, down 19% from 2.1 million.”

“Ranked by time per visit, Apple led with 1 hour, 8 minutes, 30 seconds; followed by Dell, 17 minutes, 4 seconds; IBM, 15 minutes, 18 seconds; Xbox, 14 minutes, 15 seconds; Alienware, 13 minutes, 50 seconds; Hewlett Packard, 11 minutes, 43 seconds; Lexmark, 10 minutes, 44 seconds; Creative Technology Ltd., 10 minutes, 42 seconds; Intel, 9 minutes, 23 seconds; and TiVo, 8 minutes, 39 seconds,” reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ryan” for the heads up.]


  1. MW: another as is, there is isn’t another hardware company like Apple – average site visit of over 1 hour compared to the next longest (Dell, 17mins), just shows how Apple inspires visitors to want to keep reading / researching, whatever; it looks like the times on other sites are to get off as quickly as possibel after finding the info.


  2. And January, ’07 number should be through the roof.
    The majority of HP visits are probably frustrated inkjet printer owners trying to find the correct replacement cartridge from the list of millions. And Creative’s site is frequented by thousands of attorneys trying to think up new suits.

  3. I’ll bet that the new iWork and iLife versions have some new Leopard features hence the delay. Perhaps a Time Machine link in a dropdown menu? Instant widget creation within iWeb? Embedded iChat window in iWeb? New accessibility voices in all?

  4. It’s all marketing. Apple did away with iTunes install CD in the iPod boxes. They forced all the new iPod owners to visit to download iTunes off the website. And while they are in the site, they look around for other stuffs for potential sales.

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