Tesco launches in-store ‘Apple zones’ featuring Macs, iPods, and more

Following a successful trial last year, Tesco customers are now able to purchase Apple products from a dedicated “Apple zone” at a total of 12 stores throughout the UK, including Tesco Homeplus store in Chelmsford.

Introduced initially as a trial in Milton Keynes Kingston store, the popularity of Apple Macs and iPods being sold from a dedicated Apple zone inside a Tesco store has meant that the retailer has introduced further bespoke Apple zones.

The Apple zones will offer over 75 Apple products and related accessories in the lead up to Christmas – with everything from Apple Macs, iTunes cards, speakers and the full range of iPods on sale.

Trained Apple staff, and specially trained Tesco staff, will be on hand to help and advise customers who are able to interact with products and accessories in the dedicated Apple zones, which are within the existing electrical areas.

Matt Leeser, consumer electronics buyer for Tesco, said in the press release: “Customers have responded really well to our Kingston Apple Area. They have enjoyed the shopping experience and the support of trained staff on hand. Rolling out a further stores, Tesco is leading the way in this arena, offering a concept which allows customers to interact with the latest technology with fabulous service and all at great value of money. Partnering with key electronic brands such as Apple reflects our increasing presence and credibility in the electrical market.”

Examples of Apple products being sold at Tesco stores include:
• A full range of iPods including the iPod Nano 2GB Silver for £98.97
• iPod accessories including FM transmitters, iPod speakers, cases and power products
• Range of the latest Apple Macs, including the Mac Mini and the iMac.

This is an excellent example of how Apple’s iPod paved the way for increased exposure for Macintosh.

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  1. This is great news for us here in the UK. I was wary of this at first till i visited the MK apple section and was surprised (ok i shouldnt have been) how much knowledge they all had, all had been on the apple training course.

    In the east of england we don’t have many apple outlets, not even in Cambridge. It;s just llucky i spend a lot of time in NY and the south of the USA and even better news for meis that Birmingham, AL has a new apple store on the way as i spen a lot of time there

    MW Choice as in we are starting to have more choice where to get our apple goodies from

  2. Tesco is the most successful supermarket chain, and one of the toughest retail nuts to crack.

    It’s good for Apple, particularly in building brand awareness among non-Mac aware buyers.

    Now if there was only an iPhone for me to buy…

  3. My personal observation is that England is very PC-Windoze centric. Having Apple stuff in Tescos is great; I hope they carry a nice range of accessories, not only for the iPod, but for Macs as well, such as FireWire cables, second-display adapters, external hard drives, and so on.

    This will be important for potential PC->Mac switchers (such as my father).

  4. Some of us in England have been using Mac’s for a while. It would help though if Apple took the European market more seriously. Prices tend to be significantly higher than in the US and there are still NO movies or TV shows on iTMS!

  5. I have a question. Right next to this dialogue box that I am typing into it says FREE 3D screensavers, you click on it, and it says Macs not supported….

    Why is this add on a Mac sight?! I have no idea either….

  6. There was a time when Tesco used to sell the original Bondi blue iMacs, but they did it badly and stopped selling them.

    It looks as though they now know that they need to do it as though they mean it.

    I think it could be a very good move indeed. Having another type of outlet is a great step forward.

    There are a few Apple stores, which offer a great experience, our independent Apple retailers are variable and not always very visible, so having an Apple section in major supermarkets is a different approach altogether.

    I think it could work very well for Apple and for Tesco too.

  7. Hey I might even get my sister and parents to buy into macs soon. Of course my folks will have to jump into broadband too cos the dial service that ntl offers is windoze only. I almost bought my old man a mini a few years back. He’s spent over 1000 pounds on his pc and it’s still a piece of crap. Paying the 17 pounds a month braodband fee is what is stopping them from actually having a real internet experience.

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