USA Today writer: Apple iPhone is an ‘ordinary, average product’ at heart

“To much fanfare, Apple [on Tuesday] introduced the iPhone — its entry into the mobile communicator market. Upon seeing Steve Jobs’ presentation and getting a good look at the iPhone, my first thought was, ‘Wow, that’s pretty darned neat,’ and that’s without actually touching the thing. Not that I needed to; you can assume that anything coming out of Apple is going to be slick — the interface will be close to flawless and you know it’s going to work well,” Andrew Kantor writes for The USA Today.

“There was plenty of hype, and there will be plenty more — look for a glowing review from the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg any day now. I don’t know that there’s ever been an Apple product he didn’t gush over,” Kantor writes. “But I took a step back from that hype. Yes, Apple often makes great stuff — usually, but not always. Will the iPhone be a market-changer like the iPod, or just another cool contender?”

“…The cellphone market is a lot more mature than the music-player market was when the iPod blew it away. There are already phones with cameras, e-mail applications, Web browsers, and music players. What Apple and Apple fanatics are counting on is that Cupertino’s second entry (let’s not discuss the awful Motorola ROKR) will be so much better than what’s out there that people will be willing to overlook any downsides and shell out $500 or $600 to buy one,” Kantor writes.

Kantor writes, “The iPhone is bound to have an incredible interface; it wouldn’t be an Apple product if it wasn’t designed from the ground up to be easy, fun, and intuitive to use. But that interface is going to have to be a step or two above incredible because the functionality of the iPhone — and more — is already available on other products… “amazing” might not be good enough this time.”

“First of all, to use the iPhone you need to use Apple’s iTunes software, and with it Apple’s FairPlay (ha!) digital rights management scheme. It means dealing with a product that — despite what Mac fanatics say — is fraught with problems,” Kantor writes.

Kantor writes, “At this point it isn’t clear whether anyone but Apple will be allowed to create applications for the iPhone, although it does run OSX. At the start, though, it will only do what Apple allows it to. As with all things Apple, it’s their way or the highway, and right now that doesn’t include supporting Word or Excel files, so business users may want to look elsewhere.”

Kantor writes, “While Cingular might be the largest mobile phone company in the country, it may not be the best… Cingular does have a high-speed data network called BroadbandConnect in about 60 major metropolitan areas. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t support it. That’s right: The iPhone doesn’t do 3G data rates. (Apple is said to be working on a 3G iPhone, but that will be small consolation to people who shell out for version 1.0.)”

“The bottom line for at least this first generation iPhone is that it’s a wonderful interface with great looks wrapped around an average product. Certainly not the high-end equipment you would expect for the price,” Kantor writes.

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Only a scribe of Kantor’s caliber, writing for a publication with the stature of USA Today, is able to divine so much about a prototype device such as Apple’s iPhone without even touching it. It’s a truly remarkable talent for which one would assume Kantor is paid an unimaginable sum.

That Kantor can divorce himself from the type of journalists such as The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg is an stunning feat.

It takes a man like Andrew Kantor to concisely explain why Apple’s iPhone is nothing special, since other cell phones on the market already have cameras, email apps, Web browsers, and music players – regardless of the robustness of such features. To ignore that iPhone’s music player is an iPod and what that implies or that iPhone’s Web browser, email client, etc. are full-featured desktop class applications is a surprising talent. To report that Motorola’s ROKR phone was an Apple product is a scoop that only a man like Kantor can break in the pages of an outlet such as USA Today.

In not being wowed by online videos of the Apple iPhone’s user interface, Kantor amazes. Kantor’s ability to tell if a device’s user interface “might not be good enough,” again “without actually touching the thing,” is certainly a special gift granted only to a rare breed.

Who else besides Kantor can report that Apple’s iTunes software is “fraught with problems” without even needing a single example or providing any proof? Only a man with the level of trust that Kantor has earned over the years, of course.

Think about this: Kantor is able to sit in Virginia in January and predict across continent and time exactly which types of files Apple’s iPhone will support in June; even without the iPhone’s software being completed! Only Kantor could, with aplomb, advise that business users may want to look elsewhere. He continually astonishes.

By describing Apple’s iPhone as a device with a “wonderful interface with great looks wrapped around an average product” that’s “certainly not the high-end equipment you would expect for the price,” Andrew Kantor deserves some kind of award. He certainly is special.

Andy loves to hear how special he really is, so tell him:

[UPDATE: 4:47pm ET: Mr. Kantor has responded via his blog: Kantor: ‘Mac fans are nothing if not predictable’ – January 12, 2007]

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