1. This is salt in the wound to “have to” watch it on a “measly” 5G iPod for the next 6 months… 😀

    I will pick the scab frequently. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    MDN Magic Word: finally

  2. I agree with gman – I watched the whole thing streaming on my iMac. I had it at fullscreen, so you can imagine the picture quality was pretty bad. Getting it on my iPod and watching on the tellie will be awesome!

  3. From: R2: “I wanted this damn thing last night but wasn’t willing to pay the $29.99 for QuickTime Pro.”

    You don’t need QuickTime Pro to watch it – the free version will work just fine. It won’t do full screen, but if you press -option ‘+’ you can zoom in on the screen and make it full screen.

    P.S. If -option ‘+’ doesn’t work, press -option-8 and then it will work. -option ‘-‘ unzooms.

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