Top 10 things to love and top 10 things to hate about the Apple iPhone

“I won’t get my hands on an iPhone until 2008, but already I’m in love. It is the smart smart phone that people have been waiting for, a fact underscored by the 200+ patents involved in creating it,” Tim Gaden writes for APC Magaznie.

Gaden’s top 10 things to love about the Apple iPhone:
1. Smart Interaction.
2. Smart design.
3. Smart heart.
4. Smart sensors.
5. Smart email.
6. Smart browsing.
7. Smart headphones.
8. Smart voicemail.
9. Smart speaker.
10. Smart integration.

Full article here.

In an opposing article, Dan Warne writes for APC Magazine, “Don’t get me wrong. I want an iPhone as badly as the next guy, but in the midst of the gushing hype-stream out there, I’d like to provide a little balance and point out that the iPhone’s far from perfect.”

Warne’s top 10 things to hate about the Apple iPhone:
1. Slow mobile data
2. Battery life sucks
3. Built-in battery
4. Touch screen
5. Heavy data usage
6. Only a two megapixel camera
7. Proprietary tie-ins
8. No video iChat
9. Apple chooses your mobile network
10. Only 8GB storage

Full article here.

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  1. 1. Slow mobile data
    Most people don’t care. Only the .1% of us that actually use this will give a damn.

    2. Battery life sucks
    Prove it.

    3. Built-in battery
    Sure ruined the iPod, didn’t it?

    4. Touch screen
    This is a bad thing? Have you been listening? This is what makes the product revolutionary. No buttons, bitch!

    5. Heavy data usage
    You are a ‘heavy data usage’.

    6. Only a two megapixel camera
    Nobody uses their phone as their primary camera. The only reason you have one is to take spur of the moment memories. If you want to take photos, get a camera… duh. They could have left it out all together if you ask me.

    7. Proprietary tie-ins
    I love apple. I love iTunes. They are the best, and they offer everything I need. I can’t use Playsforsure, and I can’t use zune stuff… BUT WHY WOULD I WANT TO?

    8. No video iChat
    No free porn either… those bastards. When they they are giving us everything, they should mean it! How can you say this, and criticize the battery life in the same breath?

    9. Apple chooses your mobile network
    I have it. I love it. No other network was probably willing to make the visual voice-mail thingy work. Plus… how can you not love the little orange guy that is everywhere?

    10. Only 8GB storage
    It will be more with time. But for now, this is WAY MORE than any other phone. It is primarily a phone, not an iPod. If you want storage, get a external hard drive or an iPod, and stop complaining about the best thing to happen to the phone industry since the car phone.

  2. ok…the lack of storage thing is a little trivial. It will increase with the appropriate technologies and do you all not see what is happening here? Apple is starting to undermine MS attempt at the home server. Screw buying a server when hard drives are now 1TB big. Add an external Disk and the functionalities of Leopard and there is no need to have a dedicated server. That just adds too much confusion to the user experience. Wireless integration of devices is what is up next not one massiv hard drive. You walk into your house your iphone syncs to your laptop or desktop auto updates and continues. or you get something on your laptop sync up to iphone and your on your way. I don’t think the storage can be an issue. how many movies do you want in your pocket? i just want lots of tunes and some photos and maybe a movie or two. If I change my mind than I can update when I get home. This is going to set the wireless revolution into stone!

  3. Jobs did not show how to fast forward through audio & video.

    Is there going to be a PC software package for iCal, etc. ?

    How the hell am I *NOT* going to scratch/crack the screen?

    Can iPhone and a separate iPod be synched separately from each other? Each w/ different Playlists?

  4. To db:

    “7. Proprietary tie-ins
    I love apple. I love iTunes. They are the best, and they offer everything I need. I can’t use Playsforsure, and I can’t use zune stuff… BUT WHY WOULD I WANT TO?”

    I agree but he might have been referring to Google and Yahoo. If so, I don’t understand his point on this either.

  5. That was a weak list on both sides.

    Multi-threaded Mobile OS for teh win.
    Safari “sheets” works like tabbed browsers. Awesome.
    Photos in emails — kewl.
    High rez touchscreen designed only for a finger — a first!
    Phone widgets — everyone’s a developer.

    Finding contacts only by scrolling — tiring.
    Only slow data speed in 2007 — limited.
    Typing on a screen — yikes?
    Rich HTML spam — hrmph.
    Limited iPhone applications on a closed system — teh worst.

  6. 3. Built-in battery: It must be the only mobile phone on the market that doesn’t have an easily user-replaceable battery. We know from the iPod that batteries age pretty quickly, but who wants to send their phone back to Apple for servicing when it needs a new battery? I don’t want to have to go back to my dowdy old Nokia while Apple swaps the battery. That’s a major flaw.

  7. iPhone nano
    iPhone G2

    geez, the ipod didnt sit still at the moving scroll wheel….

    Apple is only in a race to innovate with itself… I GUARANTEE you the engineers who built the iPhone were already pen to paper 5 seconds after they handed it to Steve with improvements and new pantent for rev. 2

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