Jefferies downgrades Motorola on fears of market share loss to Apple iPhone

“Motorola Inc. was downgraded at Jefferies & Co., which said the world’s second-biggest mobile-phone maker may not be able to sustain its handset market share in the U.S. when Apple Inc. launches its new iPhone in June,” Jeff Kearns reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple’s new iPhone ‘stands out as a new iconic product that could capture a big share of carrier promotional budget in the U.S.,'” Jeffries analysts wrote, Kearns reports.

Jeffries “lowered Motorola’s rating to ‘hold’ from ‘buy,’ [and expects] Motorola shares to reach $20, down from a previous estimate of $27.”

Full article here.
One can only imagine the sinking feelings that executives at Motorola, Nokia, Microsoft, Palm, and many other companies started experiencing during Jobs’ unveiling of the iPhone yesterday.

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  1. Hey Incredible,

    My brand new Palm 700P has only a 4.5 hour estimated battery life. Less than the iPhone. I have yet to find myself fumbling for anything. I would like to see a longer battery life but it is better than its competitors already.

  2. And the latest version of Lotus Notes is available for Mac OSx. The corporate world will be able to quickly adopt iPhone into their environments and leave RIM and exchange servers and their added expense behind. Pity the poor IT manager who stands in the way of the iPhone steamroller. And once introduced why not other Macs?

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