Jefferies downgrades Motorola on fears of market share loss to Apple iPhone

“Motorola Inc. was downgraded at Jefferies & Co., which said the world’s second-biggest mobile-phone maker may not be able to sustain its handset market share in the U.S. when Apple Inc. launches its new iPhone in June,” Jeff Kearns reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple’s new iPhone ‘stands out as a new iconic product that could capture a big share of carrier promotional budget in the U.S.,'” Jeffries analysts wrote, Kearns reports.

Jeffries “lowered Motorola’s rating to ‘hold’ from ‘buy,’ [and expects] Motorola shares to reach $20, down from a previous estimate of $27.”

Full article here.
One can only imagine the sinking feelings that executives at Motorola, Nokia, Microsoft, Palm, and many other companies started experiencing during Jobs’ unveiling of the iPhone yesterday.

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  1. I wonder what the executives who doubted that Apple could produce a compelling smartphone are saying now? These individuals need to be interviewed again. I bet they will backpedal and spin their words to not seem so arrogant and unintelligent.

  2. Everyone will complain that the phone is priced high.. but they said the same thing from day 1 for iPod.

    If every celebrity picks up one, (you won’t see Paris Hilton with her sidekick anymore), they have got their job done!

    1% marketshare by 2008 — reasonable target. If they can manufacture that many!

  3. think corporate users will switch to Apple as well in 6 months.
    the hottest item next xmas…can you imagine the frenzy for these phones and the new updates next macworld.
    stock is going thru the roof – on tap earnings, more studios joining in, leopard, adope going universal, newer macbooks, Beatles….

    “part” as in never part with your apple shares:)

  4. Motorola and the rest can still go after the low end, the phones that cost less than $200. Within two years after release, the cost of iPhone with service with be down to the price of the current (full-size) iPod, about $250. Therefore, Apple may not have a huge marketshare, but it will have the most important and profitable portion of the market. Sort of sounds like the Mac, doesn’t it?

  5. Since the iPhone is built on OSX, I hope that a Skype or Vonage widget comes out. Not only will you have phone, but VOIP as well! Use the phone as needed on the Cingular network and then switch to VOIP when you can. What an excellent idea!

    I now understand more why there is only one network. Cingular had to change their VM system to handle the new visual voice mail. I can’t imagine the other companies wanting to do that…

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