Fun and games: Apple iPhone, future iPods may become the ultimate PSP-killers

“Remember how, this summer, people began speculating wildly that Apple would develop a games platform? The company was hiring a games development head, the company’s stock as a consumer electronics developer was better than ever — and then Apple rolled out some pretty lame games for the iPod,” Pete Mortensen blogs for Wired. “End of story, right? Not so fast. The iPhone’s multi-touch interface changes everything. In fact, it has the potential to be the best portable game system on the market not named ‘Nintendo DS.'”

iPhone’s “multi-touch in iPhone is significantly more flexible [than Nintendo DS or Sony PSP] it’s made to interpret complex gestures with more than one point of input,” Mortensen writes.

Mortensen writes, “The iPhone and its interface are extremely high-end today. By the end of the year, Apple could replace its traditional high-end iPod with one driven by the new iPhone interface and screen and offer it for the same price those iPods sell for today — and even boost the hard drive size, too. Suddenly, you have the world’s premiere media player and rising games star in a $250 package.”

“As the iPhone seizes the high-end of Apple’s consumer electronics products, the iPod becomes the ultimate PSP-killer, with an interface the DS can’t quite match without the need for a stylus. Tell me you wouldn’t buy that. I dare you,” Mortensen writes.

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  1. Uhhhm, yeah. So does anyone else see the potential for Multi-Touch in gaming? Along the lines of the Wii, for instance?
    I am certainly not that impressed with the Nintendo DS design, but okay, whatever. It seems that Apple could do gestures and motion-sensing at least as good as the Wii.

  2. Nice prediction, it is extremly possible, remember, this is a Mac OS X powered device with phone capabilities, lets not forget the other players…..Apple TV…imagine using your touch screen iPhone as a controller for a game being beamed to your Apple TV to play on your tv…and of course as a portable gaming device on the go, the possibilites are endless with multi-touch.

  3. I forsee a 24″ touch screen iMac in the very near future and even a touch screen laptop soon after???

    How friggin’ cool would they be? Don’t answer that you know the answer already!

    The new iPods will just be fantastic touch screen experiences. just wait and see.

  4. I can’t see a touch screen laptop. As a designer, I need absolute piwel accuracy, and often pressure sensitivity. Even older Wacom tablets don’t cut it.

    But then again, you could always use a Bluetooth mouse with it, right?


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