Apple’s Schiller: We’re not getting out of the computer business

“First there was iPod, now there’s iPhone. The next phase of Apple’s plan to reinvent itself as a consumer electronics company was unveiled Tuesday by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and it received a warm reception from Wall Street,’ The Associated Press reports.

“The touch-screen-controlled device plays music, surfs the Internet and delivers voice mail and e-mail differently than any other cell phone,” AP reports.

AP reports, “iPhone, introduced by Jobs during his keynote speech at the annual Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, was accompanied by Apple TV, a set-top box that streams video from computers to television. the company is even getting a name change — from Apple Computer Inc. to just Apple Inc. — to better reflect its transition to a full-scale consumer electronics manufacturer and retailer.”

AP reports, “Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president for worldwide marketing, said Apple isn’t getting out of the computer business, despite the name change. It’s simply broadening its business. ‘We sell Macintoshes and will continue to do so and are very happy with that business,’ he said.”

Full article here.
Of course Apple Inc. isn’t getting out of the computer business. Mac market share and unit sales are growing and profitable – and, in fact, the iPhone itself is a Mac.

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  1. The worst thing about what Lord Jobs and Slave Schiller do is to be so sure that all of us are falling for their shill.

    No, the worst thing is – they are right. We are the suckers, going to any lenght necessary to get our hands on greenbacks galore and hand it over to them.

    They’ve just about drained the Mac market dry and are done with that. To say otherwise is simply designed to get what’s left as the company leaves the computer business behind.

    Steve said so yesterday in the beginning of the Keynote – something like: “we’re done with the Mac”.

    Now, it’s on to sucking up many billions from the world of groopies who rather have the new shiny toys than anything else on earth.

    Steve IS a genius – even in cuffs, he’s a genius. I’m going to buy some AAPL.

  2. “we’re done with the mac” you interpreting that as literal for a stance by the company in general. are you a moron? Seriously that is got to be the most illogical thing i have ever heard. How about he was done talking about Mac for the keynote? The Mac computer is here to stay just look for much more integration between the entire product mix. He wanted the iPhone to shine yesterday and probably introduced the Tv because as you can imagine in the near future one will be able to enter a friends house sync their iPhone up to “apple” tv and bam start communicating and watching their content. This is the beginning of a very future thinking approach from Apple. I’m excited.

  3. Baloney. The REAL story here is that Apple has totally changed the computing landscape with this iPhone.

    Think about it. If you had told me a week ago that we would be able to run OS X on a handheld device with only 4 Gigs memory, I would have said, “You are crazy!”

    This new handheld OS X opens the door for all kinds of devices we couldn’t even imagine a week ago—handheld computers, set-top devices, home appliance devices, audio/recording/hifi devices.

    Apple will be able to extend it’s computing platform into places we never dreamed of a week ago.

    The Mac OS will be able to move way beyond the desktop in ways MS can’t even dream about.

  4. Investor, licensing the OS would break the “end-to-end” solution that makes Apple so successful. As soon as you have others tinkering with your perfectly-orchestrated experience, you become what the Windows world is famous for.

    So, no. Apple will not license the OS.

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