Apple’s new AirPort Extreme supports 802.11n, enables wireless streaming of HD media

Apple Store“Amid all the hoopla surrounding the iPhone and Apple TV introduction, Apple quietly introduced Jan. 9 an updated AirPort Extreme wireless networking base station that supports the IEEE 802.11n draft specification,” Daniel Drew Turner reports for PC Magazine.

Turner reports, “Although Apple CEO Steve Jobs didn’t even mention the product in his keynote speech Jan. 9 at the annual Macworld Conference and Expo here , the new AirPort Extreme product will ship in February with a price of $179. Apple has already started accepting orders for the device.”

“The new AirPort Extreme will be a vital component of Apple’s TV strategy,” Turner reports. “Use of the 802.11n specification means the AirPort Extreme can stream data on either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz wavelengths, at transfer speeds of up to 540Mbits/sec—theoretically 10 times faster than 802.11g. This could enable streaming of HD media from a computer wirelessly to an Apple TV unit for display on a living room TV screen.”

Turner reports, “Apple also claims a wider coverage area for the new model, as well as backward compatibility with existing 802.11b and 802.11g products.”

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  1. I thought the new AppleTV would come with the 11n capability to transmit video to my television. Now that I know I have to spend another 200 bucks in addition to the 300 for ATV, it’s not as attractive anymore.

    Please tell me that I can forgo the wireless aspect and just hard wire the ATV between my television and Mac.

  2. What people are missing is that you can now attach a USB drive to the new airport and have a network drive instantly.

    Also, unlike the non-server version of OS X, you don’t need sharepoints or something similar to share individual folders to different users.

    Imaging buying a Hitachi 1TB HD for $399 and putting it in a USB case and instantly having a NAS which works with Apple TV, macs, PC’s, etc.

  3. AppleTV DOES have 802.11N built in… check your specs!
    In order for your MAC (or pc) to get the most out of AppleTV you will need the base station and plug you mac into it’s ethernet ports. IF your computer already has 802.11N you DONT NEED the new Airport Extreme.

  4. If I interpret this correctly, then I can utilize the wireless “N” capability built in to most Intel-based Macs to communicate with Apple TV. The only reason to buy Airport Extreme is if you have a PowerMac/Book or a non-“N” equipped Intel Mac.

    Is there anything that I am missing in terms of print serving, internet security, range, etc.?

  5. It would be GREAT if the TV could be used as an airport station so one wouldn’t have to buy first a new n-airport and then an tv so have a wireless n network with internet access and the posibility to stream content to the TV. Any ideas?

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