The only thing really wrong with Apple’s iPhone is its name

By SteveJack

Apple really only botched one thing with the iPhone – its name.

Oh sure, you can argue that the top model’s 8GB of storage is too small, but with 6 months to go that spec (and others) can and probably will change; Apple isn’t even taking pre-orders on the device, yet. So things can change. One thing’s for sure, Apple has frozen a nice chunk of the smartphone market, not to mention some of the iPod market, too.

Back to the naming issue: Apple’s “iPhone” isn’t really a phone at all. It’s really a small touchscreen Mac OS X computer, a Mac nano tablet, if you will. Here’s how misnamed the iPhone is: Some people are complaining that Jobs didn’t spend enough time on the Mac in his keynote! Folks, iPhone is not only a Mac, it’s the most radical new Mac in years! What’s to stop Apple from making a 12-inch model (and larger, and smaller) one of these days (use the headset for the phone, please) and calling it a Mac tablet?

It has an iPod built in, yes, so it can be used solely as a “true video widescreen iPod,” if that’s what you want. And even using it just like that, the price is about right. It also has a smartphone built in, too; except this smartphone’s UI actually makes sense and is usable. Even if you just use it as a smartphone, the price is right, too.

But, the main thing about the “iPhone” is that it’s really a pocket Mac. It has email, SMS, full-featured Web browsing, and much more. But, beyond that, it is a platform that’s just sitting there waiting for Apple to sell software for it. Just imagine games with the large multi-touch display and the built-in accelerometer!

Imagine all of the other software possibilities, too. Given Apple’s history with the iPod (closed to third-party developers), today I’d have to guess that they’ll keep the iPhone under tight control, too. Maybe that will change in the future, maybe not. Still, Apple could do a lot with the platform all by themselves. What about ringtones sold via Apple’s iTunes Store? With Wi-Fi onboard these things could beam data between each other like crazy. The possibilities are endless.

No matter how you look at it, for all that it can do even now, the device is very well priced and should fly off the shelves regardless of its name.

Maybe Apple named it iPhone because of all of the free publicity and buzz that name has already garnered. Maybe they want this trojan horse to slip into the market first under the guise of being the best smartphone available and they’ll exploit its capabilities as a full-fledged platform later. Perhaps it’s easier to explain and sell as a phone first. It probably would have been even easier to just have called it iPod (6G) and listed “iPhone” as a new iPod feature – that’s how they sold video, right?

I also have to wonder what will happen to Safari’s market share after the iPhone starts shipping. All of those iPhones hitting sites with their Safari browsers are going to have an impact if they’re counted properly. What about Mac OS X market share? Each iPhone is technically a Mac, right? If so, Apple will at least double their Mac shipments in the first year alone. Let’s hope IDC and Gartner count them all!

So, yeah, it can be a phone, even the very best smartphone, but it’s so much more and holds so much promise that the name “iPhone” hardly does it justice.

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.

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  1. I agree with several posters here, putting Mac in the name wouldn’t help it with the PC users out there. iPhone more closely associates it with the iPod, which has much better market reputation. Sad but true.

    Also, I’m not sure it should technically be considered a Mac, at least with what we know now. It does have some type of OS X on it, but you can’t just install any Mac software on it that you want. That separates it in my book.

  2. Dreaming of the possibilities… as LCDs get thinner (or are replaced by some other possibly flexible technology) think about having an iPhone/Mac that has a fold out screen on it…. so with the screen closed, you would be looking at a 4″x6″ screen, but “unfold” it (2 flaps – one opens to the right, one to the left) and you all of the sudden have a 12″ x 6″ screen in your lap that is 1280×1024

  3. Anything with the term “mobile” has bad connotations because of MicroSoft Windows Mobile and Motorola’s Mobile. The only other name I could envision would be ‘iC” as an acronym for Internet Communicator, which is what it really is.

  4. Shttt! Let everybody believe the iPhone is a cell phone.

    But truly, it is the ultimate Trojan for the general public (or an affluent/influential selection thereof) who will embrace MacOSX (and the Mac) without realizing at first!

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