RUMOR: Apple CEO Steve Jobs has invited all of his best friends to his MacWorld SF Keynote

“This is a blind item, but a very trusted (and extremely anonymous) source of mine in Silicon Valley told me recently that he has it on good faith that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has invited all of his best friends to his MacWorld SF Keynote on Tuesday. In Silicon Valley buzz code, that means he’s got something really special to show. Can you say iMobile? I knew you could,” Pete Mortensen posts in his “Cult of Mac” blog.

More speculation here.
Some supportive evidence perhaps: Late last night, we reported on a New York Times article in which author John Markoff stated, “Recently, he told two associates, who asked not to be identified to avoid damaging their relationship with him, that he was more excited about his current project [a new generation of devices that are personal computers in pocket form] than he was about the Macintosh.”

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  1. This has been one tight-lipped lead up to Macworld. Not a single credible leak. Makes the build up so much bigger. Love it.

    Maybe Steve will bring the Dalai Lama tomorrow. And Paul McCartney. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I see no reason that a nano book would not be forthcoming. I was just at a CompUsa looking at sony sub notebooks and they are a great form factor with too many Windows compromises. I want something like that in Mac form. The tech is certainly there (since the move to intel) and the need for a non- sticker plastered, button covered, funky shaped and shiny sub-notebook would be welcome to the mac-using market.

  3. Must be stepping down. Nobody wants to hear it and I don’t want to say it but thats what this seems like to me. Why would he invite his best friends for a product announcement?
    Last Stevenote! I hope I’m wrong.

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