Microsoft’s Bill Gates preps for war against Steve Jobs’ Apple

“Microsoft chairman Bill Gates on Sunday evening hit the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas determined to convince us Microsoft can connect digital content on devices, from mobile devices to the living room and into cars,” Laurie Sullivan reports for Red Herring.

Sullivan reports, “The new products center on family entertainment. Mr. Gates detailed several new products and services such as Windows Vista, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) enabled by the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows Home Server, and a new partnership with Ford Motor.”

Sullivan reports, “Microsoft’s IPTV announcement pits the Redmond, Wash., company against Apple Computer, which industry observers expect to provide details of its iTV set-top box at MacWorld in San Francisco on Tuesday.”

“The debut of Windows Home Server, available during the second half of 2007, will act as a central storage place in the home for digital photos, music, movies and other media. The first products are due out later this year from Hewlett-Packard and others,” Sullivan reports. “And by the end of this year, the Xbox 360 gaming console would act as a set-top box for interactive IPTV.”

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  1. Bill Gates prepping for a war he will lose just about 24 hours from now. Funny stuff! And I bet he didn’t make it through his oh-so-thrilling presentation without using the word “innovation” several stomach-churning times.

  2. “This is reminiscent of when GWB invaded Iraq, and the outcome is likely to be the same.”

    As in a tyrant hanged and the nation he once suppressed on its way to being governed fairly by majority rule?

    Sounds like a compliment to me.


  3. “Love it–classic good vs. evil. If this were Star Wars, what episode would this be?”

    Gotta be The Empire Strikes Back. Although I don’t recall any chairs being thrown in that episode. I don’t foresee Steve getting carbon frozen any time soon either.

  4. I hear from a lot of people that the Xbox is the only thing M$ has done a pretty good job on. What i see as their obstacle, though, is that it’s considered primarily a game device. This has limited appeal compared to a mainstream “adult” appliance. No insult intended. In contrast, iTV or whatever it’s called already banks on the known and established iTunes ecosystem– broad appeal for all demographics. More likely to be adopted.

  5. ‘Windows Home Server’

    Wow. Those of us who use (and have used for years) the standard release of OS X for web serving, email server, LAN media sharing, etc. might wonder why a special (and doubtless more expensive) version of Windows is necessary to do what we do for free. I used OS X Server for a while, but while the GUI admin tools are great, they’re certainly not vital to do what most home and SOHO users need.

    But hey, good luck with that Bill. Gimme a call tomorrow afternoon and let me know how it’s going. =)


    MW: ‘progress’ (halted by bloat)

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