All eyes on Steve Jobs tomorrow for a number of reasons

“Steve Jobs will give his annual Macworld Conference and Expo keynote speech Tuesday,” Rich Karlgaard writes for Forbes. “Always anticipated, this year the stakes couldn’t be higher, the timing more dramatic. For three reasons:”

1. Will Jobs finally announce Apple Computer’s iPhone?
2. Options backdating scandal
3. The health of Steve Jobs:
Two and a half years ago, Jobs disclosed his bout with pancreatic cancer. His cancer was caught early and is a rare kind that is less deadly… For Jobs’ kind, the mean survival time is five years. Given that his cancer was a single, small tumor caught early and surgically removed successfully, Jobs seems like a candidate to beat the odds and live a long life. Jobs lives a healthy lifestyle. He has access to the world’s top specialists. All of this is in Jobs’ favor… Still, during much of the second half of 2006, Jobs looked alarmingly thin–weak, even… Whatever the explanation, on Tuesday the Apple-watching world will see how Jobs looks and sounds.

Full article here.
It’s highly doubtful that Mr. Jobs will be taking the Macworld Expo audience through a bunch of “options irregularities” Keynote slides tomorrow, so on point #2, you can watch Jobs all you want, but you most likely won’t see a thing about that issue (unless he announces onstage that he’s taking that rumored leave of absence). As for the last point, Apple’s most-recent word on Jobs’ health was that it was “robust” and you really can’t judge a person’s pancreatic health through a black mock turtleneck. As for the “iPhone,” we might see it or we might not, but, its absence won’t stop rumors of a “special media event coming soon,” if we don’t see it tomorrow.

This article just seems like an excuse to mention “iPhone,” the stock options investigation, and Jobs’ health – just for the heck of it and/or due to his editor’s exhortation to write something, anything about Apple today.

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  1. Yes, all eyes will be on him, causing widespread panic and girly screaming as gawkers’ eyeballs stick to his mock turtleneck and blue jeans. No tears will be shed because of Steve’s unusual absorbency.

    Someone call Bausch and Lomb!

  2. iMaki…all the way with ya’….
    but i think he will rock …and rock hard tomorrow: they (and “we” for that matter) will be surprised!!!
    Watch my words friends….the times they are changin’

    MacB, NL

  3. The questioning of Steve’s health like this continues to irk me. Yes, he’s thinner than he was – but certainly not “alarmingly” so. Personally, I think he’s never looked healthier.

  4. Personally, I wouldn’t mind. One less liberal businessman out there mucking up capitalism. You libbies will have to find someone else to donate to the Barack Obama Hopeless Cause Campaign.

  5. R

    I just went back and watched the WWDC 06 Keynote on since this is where everyone started getting alarmed about his health.

    Honestly, other than being a little thin, I think he looked good. He had good color and seemed to be fairly at ease and made quite a few jokes.

    He’s probably just living a cleaner lifestyle and probably came off some long term meds he may have been on that were making him a little bloated.

    He most likely gave them to Schiller since he looks like he’s gained 60lbs. in the last couple of years.

  6. a man and voluneer for baghdad and leave us alone….. it’s people like you who fuck up this planet and you’re eys are so full with arrogance that you just don’t get it…

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