Macworld Expo 2007 San Francisco photos

“We posted a gallery of images taken last night in San Francisco where the Macworld is brewing. We have photos of the outside of the Moscone Convention Center and the huge amount of billboards advertising the iPod+iTunes ecosystem,” the Italian-language Macity News’ Fabrizio tells MacDailyNews.

Views the image gallery here.

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All eyes will be on Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote at Macworld Expo on January 9th – December 27, 2006


  1. Looking forward to being able to order a new computer on Tuesday for my wife with the new version of iWeb. Hoping that it is going to be a lot more flexible now. Even if they only added the ability to create separate sites that can be saved separately that would be fine with me.

  2. The Moscone Center is a dark cave. The iPod ads are confirmatiion of a corrupt pop culture. The Keynote is boring hubris. Steve’s last and I’m glad. Forget MacWorld, just produce quality, reliable computers and software, sell them at fair prices, quietly upgrade as technology improves – be a business not a hypester.

    And, oh, say goodbye to iPod – stores on every corner (including Walgreens of all places) are now full of music players galore of all types, kinds, stripes, sizes, and real real cheap. Quality varies but, who cares? Plannning a future on the pedestrian little gadget whose time has past is a losing strategy.

  3. Just turn your new Mac on, you’ll be prompted to migrate your old Mac to you new – just need a firewire cable and a couple of coffees while you wait.

    I went through about 4 different Macs last year and it was a true godsend

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